1965 E Type Roadster (DM)
Total (mildly modified driver) restoration 


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration, new Team CJ body with signal red coachwork and biscuit hides.


With the soft top now installed, all that remains is to finish off a handful of minor items then start extensively road testing your car - my favourite part of any restoration!
Conv top installed
Installing rear chrome finisher
The view inside

Installing cantrail chrome
New latches installed
15 x 6 Daytons with 205/70
Pirelli P4000 ZR tyres

Installing the convertible top - an extra pair of hands make the task much easier!

The following photos show your seats being assembled and installed.
Assembling the seats
Your chair, David!
3 point belts installed
Cockpit almost finished!
Trial fitting conv top
header board
Passenger seat bolted into place
Trimming conv top header board
Interior now almost completed

With the centre console trimmed out, it is now time to install the restored convertible top frame.
 Offering centre console into
Trimming out rear apron
Installing conv top pivot
Assembling restored top frame 
Installing rear quarter
side panels
Test fitting top frame 
Header bow is installed
Not long now!

Here you see Sam installing the door glass and the inner door panels and hardware.


The front bumpers and lights, as well as the Triplex screen and the screen chrome have now all been installed.
All the chrome now installed at
the front of your car
Bonnet beading also installed
Installing the new mirror and rod
New Triplex screen now in place

Carpets now installed
Installing the new tack strip
Eric restoring your top frame

Starting in with the biscuit interior....

Sam installing your replated bumpers, lights and overriders, etc.

As you can see, the bonnet is now installed, as are all the gauges, and we are in the process of installing all the chrome, various latching mechanisms, glass and interior trim to your 65 roadster. I will try to update this page for you once or twice a week from now until completion!

I am pleased to report that we now have all your re-plated chrome in hand and we will begin the final phase of the restoration in the next few days. In fact, your car will be the next one to be completed, after our 1962 FHC which is undergoing final road testing as I write this.

Felise Navidad, David!

Your E Type is now standing in line for the trim room! All the major mechanical components have now been rebuilt and installed and all that remains to be done is the installation of the interior, glass and chrome.

I am pleased to report that the mechanical reassembly of your E Type is now well underway. The following photographs show the replated and rebuilt front suspension being installed, along with the radiator, steering rack and cross-drilled brake rotors. It will not be long before the car is back on the ground once more.

As you can see, we have now transferred the repainted body to one of our frame jigs and installed the engine frames, doors and bonnet, etc. Next week the car will receive its rebuilt rear suspension we will begin the mechanical reassembly.
All new engine frames now in place
Bonnet, doors and bootlid installed

I am pleased to report that Cosme painted your E Type yesterday and the results are outstanding. The car looks absolutely beautiful.
Booth shots taken 12/27/01

In the following photographs you can see Cosme painting the inside of the cabin as well as the inner sections of the doors and the bootlid. We didn't quite manage to get the entire car painted before the Christmas break was upon us, but at least you got to see some Signal Red!

John has also finished your engine which is now wrapped awaiting the refinished and rolling bodyshell.

Feliz Navidad, David!



I thought you might like to see some pictures of your E type starting to turn Signal Red. The last picture is an 'in joke' at CJ. When Cosme is in the booth we like to pass helpful messages to him to keep him on his toes.....

We like to make sure Cosme is paying
attention while he is painting a car......


As you can see, your E Type is now in the booth. Cosme has applied the protective Body Schutz (6 quarts in all) to the underside of the floor pan, the rear suspension area and the inner wheel arches. Later today he is scheduled to paint the underside of the car signal red. We are still hoping to have the car painted before the Christmas break......but it will be a close run thing!

I am pleased to report that your car is progressing very well. We are still on schedule to paint her by Christmas, the IRS assembly has been fully rebuilt, the front suspension has been replated and the engine is back from the machine shop and being assembled at this time. The next photographs should feature the Signal Red paintwork!
 IRS assembly now complete
 Trial fitting door chrome
 Even though we are using new door chrome,
we trial fit it, grind it and have it replated 
before the car is painted


The bodyshell has now been disassembled and taken its place in the queue for the paint booth. In the meantime, we have begun rebuilding some of the major mechanical components for you. The engine has been torn down and sent to the machine shop, the differential has been completely rebuilt and all the front suspension components have been disassembled and sent off to be zinc plated. The following photographs show the rebuilt differential, re-sleeved (stainless) calipers and the rear suspension assembly going back together.

We hope to have the car painted by Christmas.


We already have the paintwork preparation well underway. Here you can see all the internal joints being caulked (sealed) prior to priming. We are also fine tuning all the panel gaps and have begun the blocking process.

Given the condition of your original monocoque, using an entirely new Team CJ body is obviously going to jump start this project dramatically. As a result, you can look forward to some significant updates before the end of the year.

Thank you for entrusting this important project to Classic Jaguar.

Not much left of the sills.......
Rotten lower frame mounting points


Not much left of the boot....

Problem solved...the new Team CJ body

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