1966 E Type Roadster (TT)
Team CJ restoration - Heavily modified 
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Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration, brand new Robey bodyshell, opalescent dark blue coachwork with dark red interior, full Team CJ mechanical upgrade, JT5 five speed conversion, etc.


Finally time for road testing! I am delighted to report that your car has now emerged from the trim room and we have begun an exhaustive series of road tests. After the first few miles it became clear that the Dellorto carbs were no match for our new 45 DCOE Webers - so we went ahead and swapped them out. The difference in performance was instantaneous and dramatic. The car now idles beautifully, runs cool - and pulls like a train.

Problems encountered thus far are all relatively minor and will of course be eliminated over the next week or so of testing. Once we are satisfied that everything is functioning perfectly, all that will remain is to install the new wheels and tyres (centre laced wheels still on back order with Dayton) then send the car back over to Jeff for some paint detail finish up.

For all practical purposes, your car is now finished. We will be in touch over the next few days to keep you abreast of the schedule.


Here you see the lights, front bumpers and bonnet chrome being installed.

Getting very close to completion now! I hope you enjoy watching the last stages of the restoration come together.

It is now time for the big push to get your car ready for delivery. All that remains is for David to install the chrome, glass and interior. As you can see, we already have this part of the project well underway.

Look for regular updates from this point forward - and plan to be driving your car this spring!


I am delighted to report that other than hooking up the gauges, your car is now mechanically complete. The engine, 5 speed, headers, exhaust, fuel supply, carbs, brakes and cooling system are all now in place. The car has now been moved through to David's trim room where it is scheduled to have the interior, glass and chrome installed over the next few weeks. As you can see in the photographs, we went ahead and installed a spin-on oil filter adaptor, a set of our exclusive silicone coolant hoses and also a set of our uprated engine mounts. In fact, your E Type now features just about every conceivable Team CJ upgrade!





These pictures show all the plated suspension and the Team CJ uprated suspension/brake components before, during and after installation.

As you can see, your car now features vented Wilwood brakes, Team CJ torsion bars, shocks, billet aluminium rack mounts and of course polyurethane bushings throughout. Grade 8 fasteners are being used as a matter of course throughout the entire suspension.



And here comes the front suspension!


I am pleased to report that the new body is now completely painted and that we have begun the reassembly process.

Over the next few weeks you will be able to watch as your E Type comes together. At the time of writing we have already begun assembling the front frames/suspension and the rear end rebuild is well under way. From this point forward the car will come together pretty rapidly.

Watch for regular updates!




The following photographs show the new body immediately after we had unloaded it from the container. If you look carefully at the rear bulkhead (behind where the driver's seat will ultimately be installed) you will see how it has been modified to provide you with as much legroom as possible.

I am delighted with the body. It is very straight with superb panel gaps. The leadwork is also extremely well done.

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