TEAM CJ Supersports 6
Basic specification and price guide

TEAM CJ (4.7L) Stage Two 6, starting at $40,000

Team CJ Stage Two 6 engines feature a stroked billed crankshaft (up to 4.7L)


TEAM CJ Stage Two 6 specification engine rebuilds include everything from a standard specification and a stage one rebuild, plus the following:

Custom billet stroked crankshaft increasing cubic capacity to between 4.6L to 4.7L, depending upon precise cylinder bore sizing. Uprated billet oil pump, Team CJ super-light billet steel flywheel, HP crankshaft balancer, custom forged Carrillo connecting rods, custom forged racing pistons, uprated billet camshafts, special tappet guides and tappets.

TEAM CJ Stage Two 6 (4.7L) engines are rated at about 380 HP (+/-) and about 435 ft/lbs (+/-) of torque (pump gas).

Warranty for a TEAM CJ Stage Two 6 engine rebuild is 12 months with unlimited miles. Race use specifically excluded.  

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