1955 Jaguar XK140 MC roadster (SP)
Total restoration
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney
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Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration with numerous performance and reliability upgrades.



Update report - August 24, 2018
The chassis is now officially rolling!

We have been busy rebuilding the front and rear suspension, steering rack, brakes and rear axle as we move towards assembling the rolling chassis.

Suspension, brake and rear axle rebuild underway
Everything is extremely rusty!


Your chassis has now been repaired, blasted and powder coated!

Cutting out rusted area at rear of chassis

Trial fitting newly fabricated replacement panel

Welding repair panel in place

Inner surfaces acid washed and coated with wax

Chassis number by right hand rear engine mount

After sand blasting back to bare metal, the chassis
has now been powder coated

Time to start rebuilding and installing the
suspension and drive train

The first two photos in the sequence below show how we modified your oil pan baffle. Originally the XK baffles were welded to the pan, which made it virtually impossible to properly clean the bottom of the pan. We cut the baffle out and install brackets with threaded nutserts down the sides of the pan, allowing the baffle to be unbolted to properly service the inside of the oil pan.




Stage One engine rebuild now completed.




Assembling the short block...
Measuring thrust of crankshaft



Nice tensioner upgrade for 120 and early
140 engines



Measuring deck height (zero)
Installing timing chains
Before and after shots of the timing chain
tensioner upgrade

Huge gains on the flow bench following our portwork...

Flow testing cylinder head after portwork
Pressure testing head after portwork



Gain of more than 56 cfm is exceptional



All new tappet guides now installed

Progress in the CJ machine shop..

 Pistons hung on rods
Crank is like a piece of jewelry 



 Cutting piston rings to size
Balancing crank 




More progress in the machine shop...

 Welds will be ground back and chamber will be
perfectly smooth when we are finished
 Port work through intake runner



 Exhaust ports also cleaned up and matched
to manifolds
 Old tappet guides have been machined out and 
will be replaced



 Drilling out frozen stud in bottom of timing
chain cover
 New thread cut in chain cover



 Machine work now completed on block
 Con rods have been re-bushed and re-sized

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop...

Machining out seized exhaust manifold studs
Custom CJ forged pistons



Surfacing block and timing chain cover after cylinder honing
Deck surface of block now as new



Some of the parts going into your Stage One 
cylinder head rebuild

Engine machine work in progress...

Exhaust seat pockets required weld repairs
Checking the deck of the block for cracks



Drilling out frozen main cap dowels
Custom sized dowels required



Cylinder honing in process

Some great "before" photos for the restoration album ...













Your car has now been completely disassembled...




 Extensive rust throughout the underside of the car



 Chassis will need major repairs



 Engine will be rebuilt to high performance
Stage One specs



 Gas tank is rotten and will be replaced
 Almost ready for blasting

Tear down continued - removing engine, transmission, floors..
 Ray preparing to remove the engine
and transmission



 Floors are very rusty



 Engine removed and passed to CJ machine shop
for a Stage One high performance rebuild
Floors not normally removed at this stage, but there
really wasn't much holding them in place...



 Boot compartment is a mess

Disassembly underway...

Car originally Pastel Blue?
Old service station sticker from 1963



Floors have extensive rust
Dash and gauges removed - harness will be replaced



Engine bay has survived relatively intact

I am happy to report that your car arrived safely at Classic Jaguar yesterday afternoon and we will have the restoration underway in the next few days. I hope you enjoy watching the transformation of this wonderful old car over the coming months.






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