Classic Jaguar Remodel - Q1 2014

Inspiration for the CJ remodel was shared
between the McLaren factory...
...and the restored Aston Martin Works at
Newport Pagnell

First job was to take down a number of internal walls
Main mechanical area will be opened up to
provide more efficient work space

Eventually a new suspended ceiling will be installed

Installing the framework for the new ceiling

New ceiling tiles going into place

Digging 9 ft deep holes in workshop floor for
new in-ground lifts


Much more room with internal walls removed
McLaren Spider and 458 Italia setting the tone..


All the administrative offices have been remodeled


New epoxy floors
Construction underway on second CJ body shop

Main mechanical area now a hive of activity
Main fab shop now completed

Scraping up floor tiles in trim room

New epoxy flooring being laid

Trim room now completely operational once more
Trim room now as immaculate as the cars being
worked on within its walls