1960 Jaguar XK150 (BG)
Restoration log by Dan Mooney
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Specification (briefly) for this project, as follows:

This elegant XK150 was recently acquired by a client and has been sent to use to perform a major service and mechanical upgrade. Current work underway includes a full front suspension rebuild, new splined hubs all round, upgraded cooling system with aluminum radiator and high output fan, a full brake rebuild, a carburetor rebuild and the installation of a stainless steel exhaust system.


Opening report - October 7, 2020
I am happy to report that we already have this major mechanical overhaul well underway.

Upgraded Ron Davis aluminum radiator and
all new hoses

All four splined hubs are badly worn and will
be replaced

Brake rotors are in poor condition
Some strange 'shimming' going on behind the
left rear splined hub!

Suspension bushings are all dry and will be replaced
and upgraded

Several of the calipers have suffered some
unusual damage - all will be replaced

Loose front wheel bearings have caused damage
to front spindles

Front suspension already removed for a complete

Suspension will be blasted, refinished and re-bushed

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