1965 Jaguar E Type (RG)
Restoration log by Dan Mooney


We restored this 1965 roadster in the Team CJ Workshops a little over ten years ago and she is now back in for a refresh and a few upgrades! Items on the agenda are a 4.7L Stage Two engine build, a major mechanical service, some paint correction and a set of Team CJ Borrani wire wheels.


Update report - December 31, 2020
I am delighted to report that this project has now been completed and the car is homeward bound!

Update report - November 10, 2020

Chris has been making great progress with the mechanical reassembly. We will be dialing in the tune on the Dyno in the next few days!

Update report - October 12, 2020

I am pleased to report that we have now completed your Stage Two engine rebuild and will be running it on the test stand in the next few days.

Update report - October 10, 2020

Final assembly time for this 4.7 L Stage Two engine rebuild.

Update report - September 25, 2020

Corey has now completed all of the machine work to the block and this Stage Two 4.7L engine is now ready for final assembly.

Torque plate honing in progress
Surfacing the block

Balancing the billet stroked crank

Block now ready for assembly

As clean an engine as you will ever see!

Update report - September 22, 2020

Machining counter bores for custom top hat liners
Pressing the new liners into place

Preparing to surface the deck

Preparing to align hone main housings

View down all seven main housings

Update report - September 15, 2020

We have just received a new set of stunning Borrani RW4602/CJ wire wheels for the E Type!

Update report - September 3, 2020

This Stage Two cylinder head rebuild has now been completed.

Disassembly underway Pressure testing head after cleaning - pass

Honing tappet guides for custom TCJ tappets A view down one of the intake runners after porting

Although the head had been ported previously, we
still picked up healthy gains on the flow bench
Machine work and porting has now been completed

New stainless steel valves installed Head now fully assembled and ready to install

Update report - August 5, 2020
Engine tear down and 4.7L conversion underway!

Clutch and flywheel will be upgraded for the 4.7L
Stage Two rebuild

Upgraded rear seal we installed 10 years ago has
worked perfectly

The block will be disassembled next

Update report - July 31, 2020
Engine and transmission have been removed

Update report - July 29, 2020

Update report - July 27, 2020
Just for a bit of fun we did a couple of pulls on the chassis Dyno before we remove the engine for rebuild. The car is running pretty rich in the mid-range but put down a respectable 204 hp and 223 ft/lbs at the wheels, which equates to about 255 hp and 279 ft/lbs at the flywheel. It will be interesting to see how much we pick up following the 4.7L Stage Two engine rebuild!

Vehicle as delivered - July 22, 2020

Interior has held up pretty well

There is a large door ding in the lH 1/4 panel

Exhaust has been dinged but will be replaced
anyway with our Stage Two system

Front suspension bushings will be replaced, there
is some surface rust on the control arms
LH rear overrider will be replaced

Right hand louver has several chips that will
be repaired

A few minor flaws in the paint will be addressed

Most of the rubber seals are dried out and cracking
and will be replaced

Steering wheel is cracked and will be repaired
or replaced
This ding has been caused by something hitting
the underside of the bonnet

Bonnet safety latch is broken
Screen washer bottle will be replaced

One carb dash pot tab is broken, athough SUs will
be replaced with Webers
Several rubber seals are coming loose and will be

LH headlamp chrome trim screw is stripped out

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