1966 Jaguar E Type FHC (RC)
Mechanical overhaul and long term care
Service log by Dan Mooney
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We are pleased to have been entrusted with the long term care of this beautiful 1966 E Type FHC.

Our first task is a major mechanical service, including upgraded front suspension, cooling and ignition systems.

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Opening report - February 14, 2018
Before we did anything with this car we performed a cold compression test. The results were poor, ranging from 111 to 129 psi. When we test drove your car we found it was pulling pretty hard to the left and there was also a fair amount of 'clunking' from the front suspension. On closer inspection, we found the front right shock absorber virtually collapsed and the sway bar bushings were MIA. A couple of significant coolant leaks were observed, one from the radiator by the lower right mounting stud and also a leak where the expansion tank had rusted through.

The car is significantly down on power. This isn't being helped by the low compression, but the carbs are also out of sync and the ignition is weak. Finally, we noted water in the fuel filter bowl, something which is currently under investigation. We will be addressing all of these issues over the coming days.

Intake plenum was broken with stud and nut
loose inside

Expansion tank has rust holes
Front sway bar bushings missing altogether

Water in the fuel bowl

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