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Mike & Connie Moore 
Morgan Hill, CA
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Update report - May 13, 2002


Here is a picture Connie took of the first drive of more than 10 feet 
of our E Type project. Things went amazingly well for a first ½ mile 
sojourn. The doors and interior are not yet installed. If I seem to look 
anxious its because the brakes got a bit mushy (needed bleeding)
and I was about to turn down that steep downhill driveway and I�m thinking 
about what�s on the OTHER side of the garage wall - a 20 foot drop off!

Mike Moore


Update report - April 25, 2002

Mike has asked me to include the following photograph of Felipe, the skilled and enthusiastic craftsman whom Mike tells me did most of the hard work on his E Type. If you ever move to Texas, Felipe, you need to look me up! Good job!

Update report - April 23, 2002

The following photographs speak for themselves - the car looks magnificent!

Update report - December 16, 2000
The latest photographs from Mike and Connie show some tremendous progress over the last 6 weeks or so. Great pictures - shame about those shock absorbers ;-)

Incidentally, Mike, you can now buy the correct brass dashtop plungers for the 3.8 engines. We have been buying them from Joe Curto in New York.

Best personal regards,

Dan M.

Update report - October 28, 2000

It looks like you are getting real close to firing up the engine, Mike. With a sticker like that on the windscreen I don't see how anything can possibly go wrong ;-)

Best Regards,

Dan and the Team CJ crew

Update report - August 14, 2000

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Update report - February/March 2000




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