1948 Jaguar Mk IV DHC
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney
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Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This will be a driver restoration and the first stage will be rust eradication and panel replacement. The restored body will be refinished in Old English White with a red Suffolk & Turley interior.

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Update report - November 6, 2020
Sterling has been preparing the Mk IV for its maiden voyage!

Hoses have been installed

Test fitting driveshaft
Rear engine crossmember has been painted

Update report - October 30, 2020

Nick has finished reworking the rear engine crossmember to properly fit the chassis.

Sleeves have been fit to the chassis

Sleeves welded in place

Rear motor mounts now aligned to the chassis

Update report - March 3, 2020

Looking more like a car every day!

Update report - February 26, 2020

Re-skinned doors installed.

Update report - February 10, 2020

  Fabricating and installing a repair panel for the driver's door and a glimpse at the window mechanisms.

Klekos holding repair panel in place
Panel tack welded

Seam now TIG welded
Checking rear edge panel gap

Interesting view of window winding mechanism

Looking more like a car every day


Update report - January 29, 2020

 Sterling explaining the work he's doing with your doors
earlier today


To be continued!

We have now completed our sheet metal repairs at the rear of the body and we have also fabricated and installed new Oak panels beneath the rear canopy and side windows.

Welding completed at the rear of the car
Repaired rear panels now sealed with epoxy primer

New Oak panels fabricated and installed
Next job is to repair and fit the massive doors

Progress in the Team CJ Coachworks.

I am delighted to report that we now have the rust repairs underway in the Team CJ Coachworks.

Magnificent and imposing Mk IV grille

Rear body section has been lifted from the chassis
Cutting away corroded sheet metal

Making card templates of repair panels

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