1956 XK140 roadster
Restored by Classic Jaguar
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Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration, silver coachwork with red Suffolk & Turley interior, Team CJ suspension and brake upgrades, five speed conversion, etc.

This restoration was completed in January 2004




Alain DeCadenet giving his personal seal of approval to this car shortly after the restoration was completed



Report date - January 4, 2004

I am delighted to report that final road testing has been completed and with the exception of a final detailing, the car is now finished and awaits your inspection!

Custom tonneau cover
now installed
Time to start your next project!

Report date - November 20, 2003
Time for some finishing touches!

Report date - November 12, 2003
I am delighted to report that we have now begun the shake down process, including a number of extended road trips. Other than a problematic rear wheel bearing (now cured) and one defective gauge, everything has so far gone extremely well. We have received the new tonneau cover and will be installing that in the next few days.

Sam off on his travels

Back from 1st real
road test
Side screens finished
New steering wheel goes
well with the red interior

Report date - October 23, 2003
Installing the convertible top. Let's hope you never need to put it up!
Top frame installed
Offering new canvas
into place
Definitely a 2 man job!

Top was an excellent fit
Steering wheel now
Almost done....

Report date - October 1, 2003

Time to assemble and install the windscreens...
LH screen installed
RH screen putting up a
bit of a fight!

Report date - September 29, 2003
More great progress to report today! As you can see, the seats are now installed and we are moving on to the side screens and the convertible top.

Report date - September 25, 2003
As you can see from the photographs below, Sam is continuing to make great progress with your car which really is starting to look quite spectacular.

Report date - September 18, 2003
The following photographs show the rear boot access panel being trimmed out and installed. We then moved on to trimming out the crash pad roll around the cockpit, with which Sam has done an exceptional job.
Rear boot access panel
for your skis...
Trial fitting tack strip....
After shaving tack strip to fit....

Beading is trial fitted....
Time to assemble the seats
Trimming out door cubby boxes

Installing the hides beneath
tack strip and beading
The hide will eventually be folded
over and under rubber crash pad
Important to get the beading
totally straight

Adding extra screws through the
hide into the tack strip
This is the rubber crash pad
Offering crash pad up
beneath the hide

What it looks like with the
hide wrapped around the rubber
Almost done...
Hide is first glued underneath,
then screwed into the tack strip
Seats ready for installation

Report date - September 8, 2003

The rear bulkhead area is particularly tricky on these XKs.


Report date - September 3, 2003

With the underside of the dash now completed, it is time to trim out the main cabin.

Report date - August 20, 2003
It was great to see you again, Don, and thanks for letting me drive your Cobra! As you can see, we are now finishing up your car's interior, begining with the floor boards. More photos later in the week.....
Floor boards in place
Installing underfelt
Trimming out and 
installing side panels

Report date - June 28, 2003
We finally gave up trying to find replacement glass for your windscreens and had a pair custom made, using the old glass as a template. We are aiming to complete the car within the next 6 to 8 weeks.
Almost there....

All chrome now to hand
Custom made tinted screens

Report date - April 23, 2003
Best of luck for Friday, Don, from your second family in Austin!
 Latching mechanism installed
Second door panel installed
Impresive looking front end! 

Report date - April 18, 2003
Starting to go in with the interior....and the spot lamps.
Time for the spot lamps....
Front end completed!
Installing door panels
Silver/red a great colour
Second re-chrome of grill
passed inspection

Report date - March 4, 2003
More shiny bits!

Report date - February 20, 2003

Nice to see some chrome going back on the car...

Report date - February 14, 2003
We have been finishing off the dash and starting to install the bootlid hardware, and will shortly be installing the front lamps and front chrome, etc.
Starting to go in with rubber seals, etc
Installing the new boot latch

Finishing off the dash
Installing front bumper irons

Report date - August 20, 2002
I am delighted to report that the mechanical rebuild is now virtually finished and the car is patiently waiting its turn for David in the trim room. The following photographs were taken immediately after we took the car up to the Jaguar Junk warehouse where the car is safely under wraps.
Starting to go in with the dash....
Plaque will go behind grab handle
Fully operational (except for one gauge)
She runs beautifully

Report date - July 28, 2002

Time to trim out and assemble the dash - complete with all the rebuilt gauges.


Report date - June 28, 2002
Back on all four wheels for the first time in ages. Suddenly looking like a car again!

Report date - June 27, 2002
As you can see, John has now installed the cooling system complete with new Team CJ radiator, silicone hoses and a brand new heater beneath the dash. After a week off the car he has been making outstanding progress this week.
New radiator in pace
Silicone hoses throughout

New heater core
Hoping to fire her up this week...

Report date - June 10, 2002

It should not be long now before we are test running the engine!
New Delco alternator in place
John has now rebuilt and
installed the carbs

New stainless steel exhaust
Pedals now in place

Headers look great in engine bay
Hiding the after market booster
was no problem

Report date - May 6, 2002
Restored handbrake installed
Wiper rack and washer assembly
installed beneath dash

Restored wiper motor installed
We like the later colour oil canister
much more than the original brown....

Carbs polished.....
Linkage nickel plated

Rather lovely new badging
Intake manifold in place....

New Mallory will supply the sparks....

Report date - April 23, 2002
As you can see, we now have the engine and JT5 installed. This always marks a significant stage in any full restoration and we are certainly encouraged by the progress of the last few weeks.
Dave installs the new 
brass data plate
JT5 goes into place
Engine back where it belongs
Gear reduction starter motor
Braided oil line and....
Team CJ flywheel just about visible
in the engine bay

Report date - April 15, 2002
John continues to make steady progress with the reassembly and has really run into very few problems. The following photographs show him restoring your wiper motor, installing the new 'J' Lucas headlamps, installing the steering rack and column, installing the new Team CJ flywheel and mating the rebuilt engine to the JT5 five speed.

The engine and transmission should be installed Monday or Tuesday this week.

Installing new Lucas J lamps
Awaiting new or replated chrome

Braided oil line, Team CJ flywheel,
9.5" clutch, gear reduction starter..........
and five speed


Report date - April 5, 2002
Here you can see the E Type front suspension and Wilwood brake kit installed, as well as the refinished battery box. Click on the picture of the wire wheel for a little movie fun!

Eric Suffolk has done a predictably magnificent job restoring and retrimming the seats, as well as building new door and dash panels, etc for the car. John Claydon is forging ahead with the assembly including installing E Type suspension uprights and steering arms so we can run cross-drilled rotors and Wilwoods at the front.
 The 140 now has its own assembly area
John gets to grips with the re-wire 

 John says 'hello'!
First signs of new chrome 

 Steering rack installed
New rear suspension, gas tank, etc 

 New rear lights
New rear fender beading 

Magnificent work by Eric Suffolk 

 Strangeley your car had (wider) 
XK150 seat bottoms

 E Type uprights and brakes
 Looking more like a car all the time

New front marker lights about to be installed
Testing the new wiring

The following photographs show John Claydon rebuilding the rear axle and the steering rack. You will recall that we switched to a 150 axle in order to take advantage of the brake rotors.

The discolouration on the powder coated chassis underneath the rear end is only dust residue from Cosme's repair of the damaged bootlid (see below).

Using a 150 axle in order to gain
the benefit of the rotors
This car will be as nice underneath
as on top!
Notice the new tyre well
Really pretty grimy... 

Differential rebuilt and detailed 

Rack rebuilt

Axle shafts receive new bearings, narurally

Unfortunately, I have a minor drama to report since our last update!

The wooden frame for Jessie's boot lid decided to come apart on us causing damage to both the bootlid and the surrounding panel work. The frame had looked to be in perfect condition during Lawrence's body restoration last summer, but must have had internal dry rot problems as it splintered like a match stick!

As new boot frames are simply not available, we commissioned the services of a local carpenter who painstakingly reproduced a new frame using the remnants of the original as a template. I must say he did an absolutely superb job.

New boot lid frame
Actually more difficult to recreate 
than you might think

The area around the bootlid was damaged
when the boot lid came apart

Once the repairs were done, we decided to
repaint the entire rear 'clip'
Bootlid was painted insitu to ensure
consistent metallic element

The underside of the 'new' bootlid

I am delighted to report that all of the bodywork and paint is now complete and we are looking forward to beginning the reassembly process. The paintwork is truly stunning - I think you will be very pleased.



I am delighted today to bring you pictures of an almost finished bodyshell.

Great to see you last week, Don! I just had to include a picture of the aluminium door being fabricated from scratch.....amazing stuff!

The chassis is now being slowly built up. The bad news this update is that the ring and pinion is badly damaged and needs replacing. A new one is on order and should be with us in the next few days.

We are looking forward to your visit next week!


The chassis is back from the powder coaters and looks absolutely perfect. Danny has already begun the process of installing the suspension and I will post some photos of that for you next week. My camera died on me when I tried to take some pictures last night...
Basically, a new rear end......

New hinge supports
Lower LH fender replaced
What lurks under bondo and paint...

Here you see the suspension components following acid washing and painting. We need the chassis back from the powder coaters!


Having finished a number of other projects we are now ready to focus in on the restoration of this wonderful old XK 140 roadster.

After the initial paint (and bondo) strip, we have now removed absolutely every mechanical component from the body and chassis.

Next task will be to remove the body from the chassis and cut her completely in two! We will then have the chassis powder coated, as per our discussions, and start to build up a rolling chassis here at CJ while Lawrence works away with his English wheel and hammers!

The first photograph shows the C Type engine rebuilt and ready for action.

PS. Don't worry when you see the body in two halves - this is how we always restore XKs!

C Type engine now fully rebuilt

 Off for the full treatment from Lawrence


 The reason the front left wing
will have to be replaced


Rear axle as removed from the chassis
Suspension rebuild already underway


Good news today! We managed to find you a set of the correct C type valve covers. They look dirty in the photograph below but are actually in excellent condition. Wait until they have been introduced to our buffing wheel!

An example of the type of upgrade being incorporated into this full Team CJ restoration - a beautifully crafted alloy radiator. As well tremendously improved cooling performance, the alloy radiator weighs less than 50% of the original!
The restoration of 'Jessie' is now well and truly under way! Over the last few days we are excited to have disassembled the entire car and embarked upon yet another full blown Team CJ restoration.

Other than the usual minor rust, the car has turned out to be exactly what we thought when we bought it - a solid, complete, running and driving XK that is a perfect candidate for restoration.

We hope you enjoy watching the restoration progress on these pages over the coming months.






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