1967 E Type FHC (FS)
Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration featuring numerous performance, comfort and reliability upgrades. This car will be finished in black coachwork with deep red Suffolk & Turley hides..

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Update report - March 7, 2018
One of our favorite E Types back in for service work and some new Cocomats

Two days of pure heaven driving the 67 E Type through the Davis Mountains. We ran into six Parisian girls at Prada, Marfa, who wanted their photographs taken with the car. The Jaguar was sublime! That car was made for those curves...and the long vista straights were perfect for an Italian tune-up!

It is always lots of fun when a customer takes delivery in person! After 23 months and 1,900 hours of hard work, the result is a very special E Type.

Chris Scarborough explaining how everything works

Great license plate!
Time to go home!

I am pleased to report that our work is done and your car is now ready for the open road!

Almost finished with the interior re-trim. All we are waiting for are the custom speakers which are due in any day.

Bonnet, quarter light windows and remaining chrome trim now installed..

We have entered the finishing straight for this project and hope to be delivering the car in the next couple of weeks...

Borrani wire wheels look stunning
The entire boot compartment is trimmed in hide

Rear lights and bumpers now installed

We have used new tinted glass all round

New rear window and chrome trim now in place
Door latch and window winding mechanisms

The engine bay is filling up rapidly!

Lots of progress in the CJ trim room...

Your Borranis have now been polished, stamped
and are ready to ship

Lots of progress in the trim room

Giorgio Simone (foreground) and Stefano Savoia at the Borrani factory in Milan, constructing your RW 4602/CJ wire wheels.

Your Borranis in production at the Milan factory
The first wheel almost finished - all that remains is
final polishing

Time for the fun part - going back together!

Good to see the car back on its wheels

Front suspension has been fully rebuilt and
upgraded in every way possible
Installing rebuilt wiper motor

Cowl has been sanded and buffed in order to
install wiper arms and screen washer jets

Chris starting to lay wiring harness in place
Cabin has been insulated with
Dynamat Xtreme

Wiring in rebuilt gauges
Engine will be installed shortly

163 pieces of absolutely beautiful, triple plated chrome trim..

Main bodyshell now painted black..

Painting the underside of the new floors...

3M Rocker Guard is first applied

Applying color to underside of new floors

Painting the cabin, boot compartment and firewall..

Time to start the painting process!

Applying rocker guard to front wheel wells
prior to painting
Applying the first of the black paint

Trial fitting front bumpers and over-riders, modifying new front headlamp scoops for better fit...

Relocating mounting bracket on new bumper blade

New headlamp scoops don't fit very well

Both scoops will be modified

Modified scoops now fit as they should

Carlos has now finished restoring and trimming your seats, which are now absolutely beautiful..

Installing Suffolk & Turley hide covers on your restored seat frames...

Every last bit of life had been squeezed out
of the original factory hides!
Seat frames have been completely restored

Installing the new seat base hide cover

Building and 'carving' the foam padding to replicate
 original factory shape of seat back

Rear edge of seat base is neatly folded and stapled
Both seats now trimmed and ready
for assembly

We have now completed the bodywork and panel fit, and your car has been placed in high build primer. As you can see from the photos below, the panel gaps are spectacular throughout.

We have now taken delivery of your Suffolk & Turley interior kit, complete with an extra hide to trim out the rear luggage department..

Lead loading underway...

Trial fitting the bonnet, fabricating new bonnet latching bulkhead..

Trial fitting bonnet
Side and bonnet latching bulkhead was in bad shape

Oscar fabricated a new bonnet latch panel from scratch
Checking alignment of new side cowl panel in relation
to front wing and door skin

Installing re-skinned doors, trial fitting door window frames, installing new engine side frames..

Installing doors and engine frames

Trial fitting door window frames

Installing new engine frames
Bonnet will be fitted in the next few days

Align honing the camshaft saddles, machining new tappet guides..

Align honing intake camshaft caps
Testing bearing clearances with new uprated cams
Boring out counter bores for new tappet guides
Machining new tappet guides for desired clearances

The following photos show Oscar rust proofing the inner sills and starting to weld the new outer sills in place.

Masking off inner sills for application of Wurth Body Wax



Oscar starting to weld the new outer sills in place
TIG welding the front left jacking point

Progress in the engine machine shop and the Coachworks this week...

Assembling the short block..



Restoring and assembling the bonnet


Your monocoque has been media blasted back to bare metal, and thankfully there were no nasty surprises. The main cabin floors and inner sills are sound and will be retained, the boot floor assembly was rusty and will be replaced. All in all, much better than we often see after a visit to the blaster.

The body and all associated panels have been carefully acid washed and primed with Glasurit epoxy. Oscar has already begun the process of restoring the bodyshell back to brand new condition.

Watch this space..


Preparing to assemble the short block..

Balancing your crankshaft in the CJ machine shop, huge stopping power from Team CJ vented Wilwood brake kit..

Assembling Nickel plated suspension with CJ poly bushings
Huge vented Wilwood front brakes
Zero balanced to perfection


Your cylinder head has been spending some quality time with Jake in the Coachworks, because it needs extensive weld repairs to deal with crack and corrosion issues. We have that work well in hand, so things will start to look much better very soon. The last photo in the sequence below shows your block looking pristine and 'as new', having been freshly surfaced.

Machining water jackets after weld reconstruction
Valve seat pockets also needed significant attention
Another crack in the top of the cylinder head being welded
Block looking pristine and 'as new' after surfacing


We have now begun your Stage One cylinder head rebuild...

Disassembling your cylinder head



There are some minor corrosion issues we will
deal with during the rebuild
The first of several pressure testing sessions


Body placed on a rotisserie ready for blasting back to bare metal...

Rear suspension components have been powder coated
Body on a rotisserie for blasting



Lots of Opalescent Silver Blue evident in cabin
Inner sills looks remarkably solid


Car now completely disassembled, mechanical rebuild underway..

 Removing the engine
IRS (rear suspension) removed and about to go
under the knife



 Original Opalescent Silver Blue evident as
interior is stripped away
 Stage One engine rebuild already underway
in the CJ machine shop



 Original interior held together with duct tape



 Bodyshell now almost completely stripped


I am pleased to report that we now have this exciting new project underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages!






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