1973 V12 E Type roadster
Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration with numerous performance and reliability upgrades.


Rebuilding carbs, prepping and restoring ancillary engine components...








The following photos show the installation of custom CJ (Stage One) valve seats as well as the port work in progress.

Stage One CJ seats installed



Port work in progress
Port has been re-shaped and is significantly
smoother than factory casting



Using the sonic tester to measure wall thickness
Intake manifold will also be ported internally





Back from the blasters, the news is very encouraging. The floors and inner sills are in excellent condition, with only a few easily fixed dents and bruises. The lower bonnet valance has obviously been impacted at some time in the past, with the worst of the damage evident at the lower air intake beneath the bonnet mouth. All in all, your car is certainly better than most - and a fantastic starting point for a restoration.

 Floors are unusually solid
 Lower valance air intake isn't very pretty
 Once sealed up with epoxy, the cabin floors look 
amazingly good


I am pleased to report that we now have this restoration underway. The body has been submitted for blasting and we have already begun the Stage One engine rebuild.

 Time to tear her apart!



 Very original looking interior






 Floors look pretty solid
 Cutting away outer sills



 Very solid looking inner sills



 Buring away adhesive from inner bonnet panels



 Factory spare key syill in place
 Factory electrician's label still intact



 Unfortunately the gas tank is full of rust and will be replaced



 Cylinders not in good condition






 Cylinder head in bad shape



 Pressure testing cylinder heads

Earlier today we pulled your car out of storage and we will have this restoration underway in the next few days. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages over the coming months!



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