1966 E Type FHC (Dan Mooney)
My first E Type, circa 1984


This was my very first E Type Jaguar, a 1966 FHC bought for the princely sum of 2,650 quid (GB pounds) in 1984 when I was 22 years old. I bought my pride and joy from a gentleman called Jeremy Broad, who used to travel around England buying and selling such cars. Jeremy's son, Guy Broad, is now a well known UK based restorer of Jaguar XKs.

Although my wife has always been incredibly supportive of my various automotive and business endeavours, judging by her facial expression in the third photo below, I think she had some doubts about my entry into the wonderful world of E Type Jaguars.

I often wonder where my old car is now, and would dearly love to buy it back if I could find it! Over the next few weeks I plan on sorting through all my old files to see if I can come up with a chassis number, or any other clues that might help me track it down. I seem to recall the number plate was GEA 275D, although my memory from that long ago is about as fuzzy as the polaroid photos!



1966 E Type FHC - circa 1984

 A dream fulfilled



 Justine, my wife, was slightly less impressed with the
car than I was..
 I restored the non-original steering wheel and kept
it by my bed



 To this day, I don't think I have seen an E Type
engine bay in worse shape



 Car had originally been Opalescent Silver Blue



 This may be my first ever E Type restoration photo
 Lots of new panels would be required


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