Spotlight on home restorers
Edmond S - Northern Ireland

As a professional restorer, I undertand how difficult it can be to restore a rusty old vintage car to a world class standard. That being the case, I am constantly amazed at the high standard of work achieved by some home restorers, effectively working alone in their garages at home. Edmond S in Northern Ireland is just such an example.

Edmond writes,

Hello Dan,

Your website is just brilliant! I have been enjoying it over the past years and it has really inspired and encouraged me to start an e type restoration of my own. I have always had a love for these cars but many books discourage home restorations - however I decided to start my own restoration last May. The car is a 1963 3.8 FHC and, as always, it needed all the sills and floors replaced. The A posts and B posts were very good along with the rear bulkhead but I decided to replace the boot floor as well rather than patching. I'm now doing the doors and then Im going to start the dreaded bonnet!!

It's great to be able to look at photos on your site and see how various parts are stripped and rebuilt and it is a great help when doing my own car. I live in Northern Ireland and there aren't that many e types here, and certainly none that match your standard of restoration, which is just fantastic to see.

So thankyou for your site and all the help it gives. So far I have done all the work myself but my need help with painting, but that wont be for a while. I have enclosed a few photos.

Thanks again for a wonderful website.

Best Regards,
Edmond Shaw
It is actually you, Edmond, and other home restorers like you, that inspire and encourage me. Keep up the great work!

Dan Mooney

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