Our Cars - 2007 Caterham Super Seven
by Dan Mooney
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History of a well traveled Caterham!

Our Caterham Super Seven was built in 2007 by Rocky Mountain Sports Cars (Colorado) and featured a brand new 200HP Ford SVT engine, a Caterham 6 speed, a 3.62:1 LSD and upgraded brakes. The car was finished in green and yellow 'Prisoner' livery.

In September 2013, with a little over 6,000 miles on the clock, the Caterham was caught in a flash flood following several days of torrential rain in Longmont, CO and was written off as salvage by the insurance company. The car was repaired and back on the road just weeks later and was subsequently purchased at auction in Kingman, Arizona in December 2013 by Windy City Motorsports (IL). We bought the car from Windy City Motorsports who listed it on eBay in February 2014.

The original Caterham Cars vin number is SDKLDK5NS60050630 and the car was assigned an additional identification number, presumably following whatever repairs were needed after the flood, of DRMVB0000156802M0. The car is currently on Texas rebuilt title using the later identification number. Rather amusingly, the title lists the car at 3,800 lbs when its actual weight is less than 1,400 lbs!

In "Prisoner" colors when we first bought the car
Aluminum bonnet stripped and polished

As a self confessed Williams F1 super fan, I had the
car wrapped in Williams Martini livery

Extra large cabin offers ample legroom for
even the tallest drivers
6 speed is a joy with ultra short throw
'snickety snick' shifts

Tale of the tape
Beautifully balanced corner to corner, and 300lbs
lighter than an F1 car!

We have the privilege of assisting the Williams F1
team prior to the US Grand Prix each year
Posing with the inspiration for our Caterham livery in
the Williams garage at COTA

Commuting in the Caterham on a crisp fall day
One of the most involved and exhilarating driving
experiences in the automotive world

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