1961 Aston Martin DB4 (BT)
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney
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Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Body repairs and bare metal repaint with color change, interior retrim, re-plate chrome and brightwork, etc.

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Update report - July 14, 2018

With most of the paint and old filler removed, we can now see several areas where the body has been patched and repaired.

Preparing to strip the paint using Aircraft Stripper
and elbow grease

Evidence of the original color (Dubonnet) beneath
the green paint

With paint and filler removed, we can now see
several areas that have been previously repaired

Beneath LH rear lamp
Lower LH quarter

Lower RH quarter panel has also been patched
Patch beneath RH rear lamp

Top of LH front wing has been patched
Large section of RH rear wing has been patched

Several patches around the nose of the car

Both doors have also been extensively patched

I am pleased to report that we now have this exciting new project well underway. Our first task is to remove the doors, bonnet and boot lid and strip those panels back to bare aluminum. Once that has been completed, we will turn our attention to the main body shell.

The starting point!
One of the more familiar faces in the
automotive world

Dash and steering wheel will be returned to
OEM concours specification
Driver's seat is worn at the bolsters

The doors will be completely disassembled before
being stripped to bare aluminum
Bonnet is the first panel to be stripped

Both doors have been stripped and show signs
of previous repairs
Boot lid has also been repaired in the past

Preparing to strip the paint from the main body shell

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