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by Dan Mooney
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July 29, 2018
Despite the triple digit temperatures in Austin at this time of year, I have actually been doing some commuting in the CSL! Last night I took the car for a proper blast on some of my favorite roads in the Texas Hill Country and I am pleased to report that she is running beautifully. The only minor issue I need to address is a slight wobble at the steering wheel under braking, which is probably a warped front brake rotor. If my suspicions are confirmed, I will replace the rotors in the next few days.

This morning I took the coupe to a gathering of 2 and 4 wheeled classics at my friend Alan Stulberg's amazing
Revival Cycles workshop in East Austin. She was extremely well received and posed for countless photographs throughout the morning!

It looked like a 1972 BMW brochure photo shoot on
the driveway last night

Original leather wrapped CSL Petri wheel with
correct CSL hub and cover now installed
Trial fitting templates for as set of custom  Cocomats

Cocomats weigh a stout 11lbs
New mats fit perfectly

Some new pajamas for the CSL, courtesy of my friends at the Cover Company in Spain.

Installing a missing bonnet seal and improving the bonnet fit.

CSL engine bay is extremely clean

If only we could still buy 99 octane unleaded at
the fuel stations!

Rear bonnet seal is missing

Installing the new rear edge bonnet seal

Our rubber seal adhesive of choice
With the rear seal in place, Oscar can finalize
the adjustment of the bonnet fit

Prior to adjustment, the bonnet was high at
both rear corners
Bonnet fit is now excellent

Earlier today we installed a set of fresh Michelin XWX 205/70/14 tires, which gave us an opportunity to raise the car on one of the lifts and check out the under carriage. It really couldn't be much cleaner beneath the floor boards of our CSL.

Front wheel wells are in fantastic condition
Lokari inner fender liners will be installed in the
next few days

Main floors are completely solid

The CSL is beautifully clean and dry underneath

Drive train has a reassuringly well maintained
look to it
Dated Alpina alloy wheel

Michelin XWX rubber now installed
Today was a good day in CSL land!

During our first few days with the CSL we corrected an issue with the Scheel seat adjustment rails, improved the fit of the driver's seat base cover, re-glued some loose rubber door seals and secured the boot lid "CSL' badge.

Material was loose on driver's seat cushion
Now looking much better

Investigating the problem with the seat rails
Note there are no holes in the seat rail for the
mechanism to latch on to

The adjustment rail with the latching holes is on
the wrong side of the seat
Simply switching the rails from side to side
cured the problem

Both upper door window seals are loose

Carlos re-glued the seals
Seals taped for glue to dry overnight

Bonnet requires minor adjustment which will
be done next week

Boot lid CSL badge was loose, now properly secured
Scheel seats now slide back and forth and
lock into the desired seating position

May 22, 2018
I am delighted to report that we have added this spectacular looking Golf Yellow BMW 3.0 CSL to the CJ fleet. I will report on the driving and maintenance of this 1970's icon in these pages. First impressions of the car are fantastic! The body is the best E9 body I have seen, and the car has obviously been very well cared for.

There are a few minor issues that we will attend to in the next few days, notably the odometer isn't working, the steering wheel is not the correct one for the car, CSL boot lid badge is loose, the passenger side sun visor won't stay in the upright position and neither of the Scheel seats are properly secured, each sliding freely without the ability to lock the adjustment.
I have also ordered a set of 205/70/14 Michelin XWX tires from my friends at Longstone Tyres in England.

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