Our Cars - 1974 BMW CS
This vehicle is now sold

Our Cars - 1974 BMW CS

Polaris silver with navy hides, five speed, air conditioning, 16 inch Alpina alloys. One of a total of 1,368 US spec CS coupes, with only 375 produced for the 1974 model year.

We recently added this classic BMW coupe to the CJ fleet and over the next few months we will be upgrading the car cosmetically and dynamically. 

This car will be offered for sale once the upgrades have been completed. Interested parties please contact Dan Mooney at Classic Jaguar.

This vehicle is now sold


Update report - August 5, 2013

One last job to wrap up before shipping the BMW to its new owner. The coupe had previously been converted to the more desirable 72 style chrome bumper, although whoever did the conversion didn't do a very good. The original (ugly) bumper brackets were still on display, and rather crude holes had been cut in the front valance to accommodate the chrome bumper.

The photos below show how we modified and installed a set of 72 mounting brackets, and welded up and refinished the previously damaged front valance. The 72 brackets position the bumper blade much tighter to the body than they had been previously, creating a much cleaner look.

Car in Coachworks for front bumper conversion
Oscar cutting away huge 1974 brackets
With brackets removed, crude holes 
repaired in valance
Valance in primer
Valance painted to match body
Note much neater 1972 style brackets
Front bumper reinstalled
A huge improvement, well worth the effort


Installing Webers...

Weber installation was pretty straight forward
Getting the linkage to operate smoothly and provide 
WOT was biggest challenge - now sorted



Just waiting for some alternative jets to arrive so we
can dial in the tune on the dyno


Clear indicator lenses, new braided brake lines, downdraught Weber upgrade underway...

Slightly more subtle front indicator lenses
New braided brake lines installed



Off with the old 45 DCOE Webers
A set of used OEM intake manifolds spent a couple of 
hours in the CJ machine shop porting room



New manifold gaskets look like a vacuum leak waiting
to happen...
So we opted for making our own


Raising the car on one of the shop lifts to install the new Carl Nelson front springs gave me an opportunity to have a good look at the underside of the car, including up inside the wheel arches and shock towers, etc. I was delighted to find that the undercarriage is absolutely rust free.

The last two photos in the sequence below show the car 'before and after' the new springs were installed.

 Note front ride height on level ground with OEM springs
 Underside of floors are completely rust free



 Rear springs will also be upgraded



 Inner wheel arches are in perfect condition



 Both shock towers are pristine and 100% rust free



New Nardi horn push



 OEM ride height
Ride height with Carl Nelson springs installed


Since we have owned the BMW CS we have come to appreciate the marque/model specific knowledge of the guys at La Jolla Independent in San Diego, California. Carl Nelson at La Jolla has already supplied me with various parts, including a hazard switch, clutch master cylinder, 1972 front bumper mounting brackets (so that I can install the 73 chrome bumper a little more elegantly), and a set of his road springs for lower ride height.

Additionally, after sharing my dyno test results with him (see below), Carl persuaded me to ditch the triple 45 Webers in favor of a pair of down draught Webers. It will be interesting to perform some back to back dyno testing after we have the new down draughts installed in the next few days. Watch this space...

 All 40 yr old cars need a battery cut-off switch!
 Carl Nelson lowering springs will be installed next week

Replacing a defective hazard switch, trimming dash top and instrument pod with Suffolk & Turley hide, dyno testing and fettling the Weber linkage...




Dash top and instrument binnacle off to be repaired



Dash had a number of cracks



A couple of dyno runs identified a problem with the
Weber linkage
The car picked up 20 rear wheel HP simply adjusting the 
Weber linkage - more tuning to come



Satellite antenna no longer needed, dash will be recovered
Cracks in molded vinyl dash were repaired with fiberglass



Fiberglass repairs sanded prior to trimming



English hides



Finished result looks great


May 2013

We recently added this classic BMW coupe to the CJ fleet and over the next few months we will be upgrading the car cosmetically and dynamically. Work done prior to us purchasing the car includes the following:

Stripped to bare metal and repainted in factory color. Driver quality paint. All seals replaced, with the exception of the window channels.
Engine replaced by a Bavarian Auto. Basically a Stage One, with mild cam. Rebuilt engine has done about 5,000 miles.
Triple 45 DCOE Webers.
Unilite MSD racing ignition, currently limited to 6,000 rpm.
Header with slightly more open exhaust.
5 speed, HD clutch and new driveshaft from Carl Nelson. Master and slave are new.
Stock brakes, fully rebuilt. New rotors, lines, master and slave. Stops straight.
Refurbed window lifts (all work).
Recent interior, headliner, carpets.
Stock suspension, rebuilt with new bushings.
Steering is tight.
Factory Behr A/C.
All wood replaced with Rosewood.
Genuine 16" Alpina wheels. New Michelin Pilot tires with about 1,000 miles on them.

Left to sort out:
Clock . Worked until a few months ago, but...
Turn signal doesn't always cancel...
Wiper delay is sometimes twitchy..

 Polaris Silver is a great color for the CS
 Factory ride height a little high for my taste, new springs
already on order



 Interior is presentable, will be upgraded