Team CJ Lightweight E Type
1963 Low Drag Coupe (BG)
Restoration log by Dan Mooney



This very special Team CJ Lightweight E Type is being built as an alloy bodied tribute to the world famous Low Drag Coupe created by the Jaguar factory when they modified Peter Lindner's 1963 Lightweight E Type roadster (chassis # S850662). Malcolm Sayer designed the bodywork with improved aerodynamics, hoping to push Lindner towards the winner's circle at Le Mans in the spring of 1964. Unfortunately, the car suffered mechanical problems which ultimately led to it being withdrawn from the race. Tragically, just a few months later, Peter Lindner lost his life when he crashed his Low Drag Coupe while racing in Monlhery, France. 

In terms of appearance, the Team CJ Lightweight Low Drag Coupe will closely resemble the original "Lindner" Low Drag Coupe. The car will feature a Team CJ 4.7L Stage Two engine producing around 390 HP and 445 ft/lbs of torque as well as a host of performance and reliability upgrades.


Update report

Update report - August 14, 2023

Update report - June 15, 2023

Update report - May 26, 2023

Update report - April 18, 2023
First test drive in the parking lot. Doors and wind screens installed.

Update report - March 27, 2023
Progress continues toward road test readiness

Update report - January 20, 2023
Engine assembly nearing completion

Update report - December 23, 2022
IRS and engine installed

Update report - November 4, 2022

Update report - October 26, 2022

Update report - September 19, 2022

Update report - July 5, 2022

Update report - June 8, 2022

Update report - November 30, 2021

Body has been primed with sprayable polyester.

Jaguar E Type Low Drag

Update report - September 23, 2020

Assembling the engine in the Team CJ engine shop this afternoon.

Darien installing the pistons and rods

Oil pump assembly and piping now installed
Timing chains in place

Timing chain cover and water pump installed

Red mark denotes heavy side of piston on the
exhaust side

Corey and Darien installing the head

Torquing the cylinder head nuts
Timing the cams

Update report - September 18, 2020
Darien has the short block assembly underway in the Team CJ Engine Shop.

Update report - July 27, 2020
Corey has now completed the machine work and reassembled your cylinder head.

Water jackets have been welded and reshaped
on the mill

Head on the assembly bench

Installing the custom Team CJ tappets

Installing the Stage Two camshafts

The finished article!

Update report - July 27, 2020

The following sequence of photos show the cylinder head machine work underway and the cad plated front suspension.

Stroked billet crank, Carrillo rods and ARP main caps

Reshaping water jackets after weld repairs
Align honing the cylinder head

A view down the cam shaft saddles

Honing the valve guides

Front suspension restored and cad plated

Update report - June 23, 2020
Trial fitting front and rear screens to the Low Drag Coupe

Update report - June 19, 2020
Lots of progress with the Low Drag Coupe engine rebuild in the Team CJ machine shop.

Cylinder head prior to disassembly
Two chambers have shrapnel damage that will have
to be welded and machined

Close up of shrapnel damage

The head pays a visit to Jake in the TCJ Coachworks
Welds will be ground back and machined

Custom top hat liners installed
Machining the deck surface perfectly flat

Grinding main caps in preparation for the align hone
Setting up to align hone the block

A view along the seven main housings, which are
now perfectly straight and round

Test fitting the billet 4.7 crankshaft

Update report - June 17, 2020

More of Carlos' handiwork in the TCJ trim room!

Seat base hide sections now sewn together

Carlos trimming the excess trim and hide from the
bottom of the seat base

Seat base now ready to install

Note attention to detail even on areas of the seat
base that won't be seen

First seat now fully assembled

Simpson belts add a nice period looking touch

Update report - June 11, 2020
The following sequence of photographs show Carlos beginning the process of trimming the seats in black hide. The last three images show the special flywheel and ultra strong clutch supplied by my friend Rob Beere in England.

Lightweight aluminum seat frames
The contours in the foam are carved by hand

Making templates for the hide sections

Carlos sculpting the edges of the seat back

Plotting the location of the pleats

The new hide that will be used for both seats

Marking out the pleats for the first seat back

Sewing the pleats

Carlos has been working his magic in the TCJ trim
room for more than 12 years!

One seat back now virtually complete

Ultra strong billet clutch needed to handle almost
450 ft/lbs of torque

It will be a shame to hide these items inside the
bell housing!

Update report - May 22, 2020

  Engine teardown

Update report - May 13, 2020

The heart and soul of your 4.7L Stage Two engine will be this beautiful billet crankshaft. It is almost a shame to hide it inside the engine!

Opening report - April 29, 2020
We are delighted to get this exciting Team CJ Lightweight build underway!