1964 Jaguar E Type FHC (BC)
Major mechanical overhaul
by Dan Mooney
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We are thrilled to have been entrusted with the care of this fabulous 1964 E Type that has been in the hands of its current owner since 1964. The interior has an exquisite, 'lived in' patina and the outstanding overall condition is a testament to the great care that has been lavished upon the car over the last 54 years.

Our task is to rebuild the engine, upgrade the cooling and ignition systems, and to service the car generally.

Engine Job # 2256


Update report - August 1, 2019
I am pleased to report that the engine rebuild has now been completed and this wonderful old E Type is back on the road where it belongs!

Engine components laid out for final assembly

Rebuilt engine now back in the car and
running beautifully
SU carbs have also had a complete rebuild

Lots of progress in the Team CJ machine shop.

Pressure testing the cylinder head
Corrosion in chambers will be welded and reshaped
prior to installing new valve seats

Typically blocked water passages exposed with
removal of original sleeves
Head is warped .007"

Machining out original seats
Machining block for custom top hat sleeves

Surfacing the deck after installing
new sleeves

Squaring main caps prior to a much needed
align hone

Resizing connecting rods

After straightening, the cam saddles about to be
align honed
After align hone, trial fitting cam bearings
to establish clearances

Polishing front of head
Installing tappet hold-down kit

Head now fully assembled
This cylinder head has come a long way in the last
few weeks!

I am pleased to report that we now have this engine rebuild underway in the Team CJ machine shop. The head took extra time to remove as we had to cut and machine several seized head studs. Looking at the internal condition of the engine, it is amazing that it was actually running fairly recently! The main bearings were completely wiped out and the cams were rusty. The head is warped and will require straightening and align honing.

Removing the engine for rebuild

Several head studs were seized to the head and
had to be cut and machined

Main bearings in very poor shape

Amazing that this engine was running recently!

We will have this project underway in the next few days.

The interior has a wonderful patina
Engine will received a full rebuild

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