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by Dan Mooney
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November 16, 2021

July 24,2020

With the Bentley now performing better than ever, I decided to address the one cosmetic flaw in the cabin that had been bugging me. The walnut veneer inlays on both front door panels were starting to crack. Barely noticeable, but it has always been something I planned on dealing with at some point. I had seen other Arnage T interiors where the door panels were diamond pattern sewn hide, matching the pattern on the seats, and I decided that would be a perfect solution to my damaged veneer inlays. We removed the passenger door panel first and let Carlos work his magic in the trim room for a few hours. The results are even better than I had hoped for and the new stitched hide door panels look 100% authentic. I seriously doubt anyone could ever tell they weren't sewn and installed at the factory in Crewe.

Note cracks appearing in walnut door inlays
This is a file photo of another car with diamond
stitched hide door panels

Removing the door panel revealed several missing
door panel clips
The cracking veneer panel removed from the
door frame

Carlos used 1/4" back foam to give the hide a 3D
look to match the factory panels

Hide was glued to the old walnut inlay
We installed 11 new trim clips

Reinstalling the panel to the car
Looks just like a factory sewn hide door
panel to me!

Cabin is in superb condition for an 18 year
old car
We will now repeat the operation on the driver's door

July 23, 2020
Earlier today Carlos fabricated and installed a new leather foot rest pad for the Bentley. The original rubber heel and foot rest pads were both missing when I bought the car and I think the custom leather pads now installed are actually a nice upgrade over the original pads.

While he was in the foot wells, I had him make some templates for some custom overmats I am having made. I bought and installed some aftermarket mats when I first bought the car, but I don't care for them because they are a little lighter than the OEM black carpeting.

I enjoy constantly tweaking and improving the cars I drive, and take great pride in the fact that my cars are always in better condition when I sell them than when I bought them.

July 21, 2020
Odometer - 9,700

July has been a busy month for the Arnage! I had a recurring check engine light relating to a 'slight leak' at the diagnosis pump for the fuel system, and the car also threw codes indicating a problem with the secondary air injection (P0491 and P0492). I was a little surprised to see the secondary air codes because precisely the same issue was dealt with during a service at the Chicago Bentley dealership prior to the car being shipped to me in January. On that occasion the dealership replaced the air injection solenoid valve, but apparently an underlying issue remained.

Team CJ's Daniel Henderson raised the car on one of the workshop lifts and gave the underside a thorough inspection, and also noticed a small leak at the power steering cooler. He then removed the turbo intercoolers and several other engine pay components in order to access the secondary air injection system. Thankfully he identified the problem pretty quickly as an inoperative turbo cut-off valve, which I was delighted to discover had a VW part number! There are actually three identical turbo cut-off valves, all of which were original equipment, so we decided to replace them all for good measure.

I ordered the replacement parts I needed from Albers (AKA Bentley Zionsville), and all of the car's ailments were dealt with in one workshop visit. While the car was in for repairs, I decided to deal with the one aspect of the car that I felt needed improvement - driver legroom. It seems strange to me that a car of such gargantuan proportions could have such limited driver legroom. Even with the seat all the way back and all the way down, I always felt like my legs were more bent than I would like. Daniel fabricated two 1/4" thick extender brackets which the guys in the Coachworks painted satin black. The brackets allowed Daniel to install the seat just over two inches further back, which worked like a charm. I am absolutely delighted with my new driving position, which has made the car even more enjoyable for me. If any future owner of shorter stature ever wanted to return the seat to its factory position, it would be a simple matter of removing the extender brackets.

As the Bentley approaches 10,000 miles, it is running and driving perfectly, is devoid of any pesky check engine lights, and is more comfortable and luxurious than ever!

Front bumper had to come off to access the leaking
power steering cooler
Mr Henderson removing the turbo intercoolers

Old parts removed
Date and time stamped turbo cut-off valves
(10/1/01 at 3.48pm)

The old/leaking fuel system diagnosis pump
Removing the driver's seat to reposition it
further back

Extender brackets fabricated from 1/4" steel plate
Brackets position the seat 2 1/8" further back

Slight seat adjustment has made a huge difference!

June 3, 2020

Odometer - 8,633

I have done 2,000 miles in the Arnage since my last update. As I am fortunate enough to spread my driving between several cars, it isn’t often I put this many miles on a car in such a relatively short period of time. The reason I have done so is that I absolutely love driving the old Bentley! It is comfortable, fast, stylish and fun. It could not have been easier to live with on a daily basis.

The only mechanical problem I have had with the car since my last update was somewhat self-inflicted. When we fixed the broken tabs in the indicator stalk assembly (see 2/15/20 below) we accidentally cycled the ignition with the steering wheel removed which led to a fault code with the steering angle signal and ABS module. Cap in hand, I asked my friends at Bentley of Austin to supply and install a new reel assembly and module, which thankfully turned out all my annoying warning lights. Total bill was $1,320.21, which I thought was extremely reasonable. I also picked up another ding in the bonnet which Charlie Molina of The PDR Shop made disappear like magic, and had the guys at Pristine do another sensational detail job. Other than these minor glitches, the Arnage continues to drive and perform like a new car.

February 26, 2020

Odometer - 6,666

Full detail, paint correction and ceramic coating by our friends at Pristine Auto Detailing Austin.

February 20, 2020
Odometer - 6,405

The Arnage was previously missing its driver's handbook so I was delighted to find a new old stock item online, completing my library of factory books. I also picked up a fitted satin car cover from my friends at The Cover Company in Barcelona. Buying gifts for a newly acquired car is one of life's great pleasures!

Brand new (literally never opened) 2002 Arnage T
driver's handbook
The glove box now boasts its full compliment of
factory literature

Fitted satin car cover

February 15, 2020
Odometer - 6,272

I knew when I bought the Arnage that the Bentley dealer in Chicago had reported a 'loose indicator switch' when they serviced the car, but the previous owner had declined the repair. This is apparently a common problem with Arnages because the flimsy switch can be bumped (and broken) by the driver's knee when entering the car.

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to find a new indicator stalk assembly but could not locate one anywhere in the world. Flying Spares in England offered to rebuild my original switch, but then the car would be disabled for 3 or 4 weeks, which wasn't really an option. In the end I decided to rebuild and upgrade the switch in-house. With the mechanism removed and disassembled, the broken pivot 'ears' were clear to see. They are an obvious weak point of the design, so we decided to replace them with some steel shim stock, drilled to receive a slightly oversized steel pivot pin. We attached the new shim stock ears with 3M panel bond, so the repair should hold up indefinitely. Back in the car, the switch now functions perfectly.

Josh removing the indicator stalk
Separating the plastic housing from the cast
aluminum case

Flimsy plastic pivot 'ears' were both broken
We replaced the broken plastic ears with steel shim
stock, secured with 3M panel bond

New steel ears should be virtually indestructible
Reinstalled and working perfectly

Odometer - 6,200

I have already done around 800 miles in the Arnage and I am pleased to report that the car has performed flawlessly. It has truly been a joy to drive.

When I bought the car the original umbrellas were missing from the boot compartment, although I managed to source a pair of genuine Bentley accessory brollies which are now in their respective leather slots on the forward wall of the boot compartment. I also had my friend Wesley and his team over at Pristine Auto Detailing do a full paint correction and stage 2 ceramic coating on the car. The paintwork now looks as close to new as an 18 year old car could possibly look. When I talk to people about the car (which is pretty much every time I park it and get out) nobody can believe it is a 2002 model.

The Arnage is one of the most comfortable cars
I have ever driven

QI wireless charging pad in center armrest

As I have driven the car more, I have really come to appreciate how user friendly it is as a daily driver. As well as being supremely comfortable, it delivers a feeling of contentment and general well being during every journey perhaps more than any other car I have ever owned. The previous owner installed a high end Alpine sound system in the car which not only sounds fantastic, but also provides blue tooth phone connectivity, which I really need in a daily driver. There is also a QI wireless charging pad discreetly installed in the center console/arm rest.

To summarize my first month of ownership, I would say the Arnage T is a magnificent automobile that might be the best value daily driver I have ever bought!

All important umbrellas back in their rightful place!

Despite its substantial size and heft, the Bentley
is a very easy car to drive

Sumptuous interior is a wonderful place to be

New floor mats installed to protect the factory

January 14, 2020
Odometer - 5,450
The Arnage T was delivered last Friday and I am pleased to report that the car is every bit as good as advertised. Having been driven only 5,400 miles since 2002, it is in truly spectacular condition. I really could not be happier with the car and I am looking forward to using it as my daily driver for the next few months.

Over the last couple of days I dealt with two minor cosmetic issues on the Bentley. Although the paintwork is in superb condition, there were a couple of small dings on the right hand side of the bonnet. I had Charlie Molina from The PDR Shop swing by the Team CJ Works and he did a great job completely eliminating both dings. If you are ever in need of PDR work in the Austin area, I thoroughly recommend The PDR Shop.

The other slight issue was the driver's footwell carpet was missing its rubber heel pad. As the carpet itself was in excellent condition, rather than replace the mat I decided to have Carlos make me a new heel pad trimmed in black hide with a diamond pattern to mirror the pattern on the seats.
I think the finished results looks rather nice!

The Bentley is immaculate inside and out

Interior is sumptiously luxurious and smells divine

Maiden voyage a total success - the Bentley
drives like a new car

Right side of the bonnet had two small dings
when the car was delivered
Thankfully we were able to remove the dings
completely with a few minutes of PDR

Charlie Molina with The PDR Shop did a superb
job on the bonnet
Gerardo polishing the bonnet for me after the PDR
work was completed

Rubber heel pad is missing from the driver's
floor mat
I decided to make a new heel pad and trim it
in black hide

Carlos stitching the new hide heel pad
Diamond pattern mirrors the pattern on the seats

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