1964 Jaguar E Type (AD)
Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration with numerous performance and reliability upgrades



Another Team CJ restoration wrapped up and ready for a trip across the Atlantic!

Engine, transmission, headers and Webers installed.

Wiring the dash and gauges, starting to install chrome and lights.

Your car is now back on its wheels, almost time to install the engine and transmission.

Your car is now back on its wheels

Dynamat being installed throughout the cabin
Dunlop SP Sport radials installed on Dunlop
replica alloy wheels

Installing front suspension, brakes and steering.

Work being done under Pele's watchful eyes!

Installing engine frames and trimming the seats.

Engine frames painted and ready to install
Time to start putting this car back together

Hector busy trimming your seats

I am delighted to report that we have now completed the process of painting the body, bonnet, doors and tailgate.

View through the booth window as Gerardo starts
applying the Opalescent Gunmetal base coat
Four coats of base followed by three coats of clear

Unmasking the body

Painting the bonnet

One of the most exciting stages of any restoration project is the painting process and I am delighted to report that we have begun applying the first of the Opalescent Gunmetal paint to this special E Type. Yesterday we painted the cabin and boot compartment and earlier today we rocker guarded and painted the underside of the car.

Lots more photos to follow over the next few days!

Cabin and boot compartment was
painted first

After sealing, the underside of the floors were
rocker guarded
A close up of the 3M rocker guard texture

The underside was then painted and cleared

We have now completed the chrome trial fitting process and all of your brightwork has been submitted for chrome plating. In the trim room, Hector has been busy restoring and trimming the dash panels and the center console.

All chrome and glass has now been trial fitted

Trial fitting the new Triplex windscreen

Seats have been stripped and powder coated

Dash panels have been restored and trimmed

Center console has been restored and trimmed

We have now completed all of the bodywork and applied three coats of Superbuild Polyester primer.

Lead and filler work has been completed

Superbuild Polyester primer has been applied

Panel fit exemplary throughout

Another Stage One engine rebuild wrapped up in the CJ machine shop...



We have now completed the lead loading process along the right side of the car and turned our attention to the left....

Applying lead
Lead loading now completed along right side of body



Perfecting bonnet and door gaps with sheet metal and lead



Right hand door fit



Starting to apply lead to left side cowl panel

Fitting the new bonnet, lead loading continued...

 Wurth Body Wax applied to inner box sections



 Inner surfaces of side cowl panels also coated in wax
 Side cowl panels now welded in place



 Starting to look more like a car every day
 Lead loading the bottom bonnet gap between the
sill and the front wings


Installing the new bonnet, lead loading around the rear hatch and lamp area...

 We will begin fitting the new bonnet next week
 Lead loading underway at the rear of the car



 Trial fitting rear lamp housings


It is now time to assemble and begin fitting your new bonnet..





Having replaced substantial sections of both door frames, we trial fitted the window frames and chrome B pillars prior to installing the outer door skins.

 Trial fitting window frames



 Rolling the door skin flanges



 Trioal fitting RH cowl side panel with new door
 Almost time to assemble and install the bonnet


Lots of progress in the Coachworks....




Door frames have now been largely reconstructed
New tailgate gutter rail has been fabricated
and welded in place



Boot floor assembly has now been welded in place






Major surgery at rear of car is now complete


Rebuilding very rusty door frames...

Door frames are very rusty












Time to start fabricating some new panels and
reconstruct the door frames



This little panel has a lot of complex curves and is
extremely difficult to make






Top of door frame starting to look a lot better
Fabricating top drain panel






New top drain panel welded in place
Bottom of door frame has been cut away and will be
completely replaced


Rear of the car starting to take shape in the Coachworks...

Trial fitting replacement panel






Things have to get much worse before they can
start getting better!
 At this point, there isn't much left at the rear of the car



Tack welding rear panel in place



TIG welding rear panel seams






Fabricating more repair panels for the rear lamp area









Welds plaished and metal finished
Starting to look much better!


More progress in the CJ Coachworks...

Rear wheel wells had to be largely reconstructed before
the new boot floor assembly could be fitted



Almost ready to weld the new boot floor assembly in place
But first, the nasty panel above the rear license plate
will have to be replaced...



Trial fitting replacement panel....
Trial fitting hatch door with new panel...


The following sequence of photos show your Suffolk & Turley interior kit, as well as the repair of both inner and outer rear wheel arches...

 Tan interior will look fabulous against Gunmetal paint






 Fabricating inner wheel arch repair panel
Trial fitting new panel inside rear wheel arch



 Trial fitting outer wheel arch repair panel



 Outer panel is first tack welded in position.....
Then TIG welded... 



 The TIG seam is then planished and metal finished
until the repair is virtually invisible



 Left hand arch also needs extensive repair



 LH inner arch, with corroded sheet metal cut away
Trial fitting new rear boot floor assembly in conjunction
with outer wheel arch repair panels






 Fabricating a repair panel for the inner wheel well
Trial fitting repair panel in LH inner wheel well 



 Repair panel now TIG welded in place
Outer repair panel then tack welded in place 



 Seam then TIG welded
TIG weld then planished and metal finished 


Lots of progress in the CJ Coachworks....

 Fabricating a new footwell side panel



 New panel spot welded in place
A view of the new panel from the driver's footwell 



 Floors spot welded to inner sills
Wurth Body Wax is applied to all box sections
that will eventually be enclosed



 New outer sill spot welded to top edge of inner sill



 Spot welding lower frame anchor brackets in place
A view of the anchor brackets from the firewall side 



 New outer sill is spot welded to bottom of floor with
hundreds of welds



 TIG welding new jacking points to floor


Installing new floors in the CJ Coachworks....









Happy Birthday, Andre! Lots of progress in the Coachworks....

















Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, now.

Unpacking your brand new bonnet
Almost ready to receive the new floors 






 Body wax sprayed inside reconstructed B pillar


Lots of progress in the Coachworks...

Entire rear panel is full of corrosion and will need extensive repairs
Also a lot of work required up inside left hand quarter
and B pillar


Cutting away corroded sheet metal, stripping shipping primer from new panels...

Cabin is braced at 8 points
Jake cutting out the old floor cross member



Shipping primer is stripped by hand from all new panels



Door skins and inner sill in bare metal
All new panels are sealed with epoxy primer


Total body restoration getting underway....

This previously "restored" did not look good after blasting
Media blasting revealed all sorts of horrors under the skin






Many panels are rivetted in place



B pillar full of corrosion
A pillars are no better



Our task is basically to build a new monocoque 
around the roof panel
Jake has a lot of cutting to do before he can start going
back with new sheet metal

Final assembly of your Stage One engine....

Balancing your crankshaft



Measuring deck height in order to calculate
precise compression ratio



Installing rebuilt head on short block


We have now completed the repair and rebuild of your cylinder head, and will be assembling the block next week.

Cross-hatch markings left on new cylinder walls
after the honing process
Cylinder head now completely rebuilt and assembled


I am pleased to report that Chris has now finished all of the machine work and porting to your cylinder head, and we saw some huge gains on the flow bench. We actually picked up more than 64 cfm on the intake runners, which represents a spectacular improvement in flow.

 How your cyl head deck used to look...
How it looks today 



 Using a sonic tester to measure wall thickness of 
intake runners



 Comparing your ported intake ports (right) with
a standard, unported head (left)



 You picked up 64.3 cfm - which is a spectacular gain!


The following sequence of photos show Chris rebuilding your IRS and Kevin doing your engine block machine work.







 Boring out the old sleeves



 Custom CJ top hat sleeves
Counterbore cut in block for new sleeve flange 



 CJ forged pistons
Honing cylinders to size 


I am pleased to report that we have now finished repairing all the various cracks and corroded areas on your cylinder head. It is a while since we have seen one that was quite this bad.

Repairing water jacket plug - step 1
Repairing water jacket plug - step 2



Repairing water jacket plug - step 3
Repairing water jacket plug - step 4



Re-shaping welded/repaired water jackets in deck surface
using an old head gasket as a template

We have our work cut out for us with this cylinder head rebuild. It really is in terrible shape and needs extensive weld repairs to deal with corrosion damage, stripped out threads, cracks and internal porosity issues. It has also had cam caps installed backwards, damaged cam saddles and is significantly warped.

 Water jacket plugs in top of head were stripped out
They will be welded up and have new threads cut 



 Head has obviously been welded in the past, although they
didn't bother to re-shape the combustion chambers
 There are a number of stripped out stud holes



 Water jackets on deck surface will be welded
and re-shaped on the mill



 Corrosion ground away from edges of water jackets prior
to welding
Darrell spent most of yesterday welding on your cylinder head 



 Base line flow testing prior to port work



Pressure testing identified porosity issues beneath
the deck surface (marked X)

Rebuilding front suspension, brakes, steering rack, steering column, etc. Pedal box has been converted to use upgraded brake master cylinder and booster from later 4.2 and V12 models.

Nickel plated front suspension components
Front suspension has been re-bushed



Vented front brake conversion



Upper steering column rebuilt



Steering rack has been rebuilt
CJ pedal box conversion incorporates 4.2 master 
cylinder and booster


Engine rebuild underway, body about to go out for media blasting...

 Engine has supposedly been rebuilt recently



 Removing the cylinder head
Timing chain frame is broken (see upper right) 



 Engine now completely disassembled
Water jackets blocked up with sludge 



 Body will be blasted back to bare metal
Disassembled bonnet and doors will also be blasted



 Everyone wants D Type wheels this month...

IRS rebuild underway, 438 items submitted for Nickel plating...

IRS rebuild underway



Mis-matched wishbones - note difference between inner
fulcrum ends marked A & B



438 items being submitted for Nickel plating





We now have your car completely disassembled and ready to be placed on one of the rotisserie jigs. As soon as one becomes available, we will start preparing the monocoque for media blasting.

 Engine and transmission have been removed
 Engine will be rebuilt to Stage One specs, trans will be 
replaced with a CJ5/600 five speed



 Repair panels have been rivetted into place on firewall
Most of the firewall will be replaced 



 Boot floor looks OK at first glance, but a lot of bondo
lurks beneath the white paint, so we'll see...
 All the numbers match throughout the car - engine,
transmission and body


I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely at Classic Jaguar and we will have the restoration underway in the next few days!

 As found, nestling in Leander, Texas



 Engine has matching numbers



 Replacement panels appear to have been rivetted in place
 Mis-shaped boot floor rails suggest corrosion beneath
bondo and paint



 Car now at CJ - on the ramp to the Coachworks

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