Job #2283 (AM)
4.2 S1 E Type Stage One engine rebuild
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Update report - July 1, 2020

Another Team CJ Stage One engine wrapped up and ready to be test run on the engine stand!

Update report - June 3, 2020

Lots of progress in the Team CJ engine shop!

Corrosion in cylinder head water jackets
Water jackets welded up

Surfacing excess weld material

Reshaping water jackets on end mill
Align hone of cam tunnel in progress

Port matching exhaust runners
A view down ported intake runner

Ported exhaust
Pressure testing head after port work

Honing valve guides
Custom CJ valve seats installed

Installing tappet hold down kit

Head now ready for assembly

Cylinder head rebuild now complete

Surfacing the block after liner installation

Update report - April 7, 2020

We have now completed the tear down of your engine.

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