Job # 2309
Ferrari 275 GTB  - Full engine rebuild
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Update report - August 5, 2021

I am happy to report that Corey has now completed the rebuild of both cylinder heads as well as the torque plate cylinder honing of the block.

We found excessive play in the rocker arms
Corey machined bronze bushings to the
requisite size to eliminate the slop

Machining custom valve guides

New guides installed and honed to size
Making a piston mold

Piston design finalized
The finished article

Torque plate honing the cylinders
Cylinder heads now fully rebuilt

Update Report - June 1, 2021

In tearing down the cylinder heads we discovered some serious (man made) damage to the cam saddles. Thankfully we were able to correct this issue by performing an align hone to both heads. We also found some corrosion damage in the head deck surfaces, but this has already been remedied after a short visit to the Team CJ Coachworks.

Mismatched valve seals?

Excessive wear on valve stems

Corroded areas of corrosion of the cylinder heads
will be welded and resurfaced

Opening Report

The engine, as delivered.

Cam saddles have suffered at the heavy hands
of previous mechanics

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