Job # 2270 (PT)
V12 E Type - Stage One engine rebuild
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Update report - May 2020
I am happy to report that we have now completed this engine rebuild and reassembled the car.

After putting up a valiant fight, the cylinder
heads have now been removed

Distributor will be upgraded

Damaged head stud

This head stud broke off inside the block

Flow testing the cylinder heads
Pressure testing cylinder heads after port work

Note rough surface texture inside runners prior
to porting

Sizing pockets for custom CJ valve seats
Note much smoother texture after port work

Multi-angled valve job now completed and seats
blended to venturis
Assembling the heads

Balancing the crankshaft

Align honing main bearing housings

Both heads now fully assembled

Short block assembly underway
Engine now reinstalled and car is ready for delivery!

Another Stage One engine rebuild underway in the Team CJ engine shop.

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