Job # 2261 (JL)
4.2 E Type - Full engine rebuild
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Update report - June 8, 2019

We have now completed this rebuild and we are ready to run the engine on the test stand as soon as your new valve covers are delivered.

Parts laid out ready for final assembly

Short block now fully assembled

Timing the camshafts
Valve covers in the photo are on loan until your new
covers arrive!

The block has now been re-sleeved and align honed and the cylinder head has been completely rebuilt.

Timing chain cover stud holes are damaged and
will be welded and re-threaded
Oil pan drain plug threads are stripped

This rebuild will feature forged CJ/Ross pistons

Machining block for new custom 'top hat' CJ liners
Note counter bore for 'top hat' section of liner

Block was in urgent need of an align hone

Machining out old seats
Custom CJ seats pressed into place

Machining the multi-angled valve job
Tappet hold-down kit installed

Front of head prior to polishing

Head now fully assembled

Corey has been busy repairing damaged threads and pressing out the old cylinder liners. The last two photographs in the sequence below show completely blocked water jackets hidden behind the old sleeves.

Block and head had several poorly installed helicoils
Note damaged threads behind helicoil

New threads cut for oversized steel insert

Repair now complete
Corey pressing out the old cylinder liners

All of the water jackets behind the old
sleeves were completely blocked
Internal cooling of this block was obviously severely

Progress in the Team CJ engine shop.

Extensive corrosion and silt build up behind the
rear water jacket cover plate

Rear water jacket around rearmost cylinder
was 100% blocked
Looking a little better!

Magnaflux crack checking the block after a high
temp chemical wash (OK)
Debris has damaged main bearings and crank

Head was warped .008" and will
require align honing
Measuring cam bearing clearances after completing
align hone

I am delighted to report that we have your engine rebuild underway. Removing the cylinder head was something of a challenge thanks to several seized/rusted head studs.

Engine as received

Several seized head studs had to be cut to
remove the cylinder head

Some of the upgrades that will be incorporated
into this rebuild

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