Job # 2260 (JB)
3.8 E Type - Stage One engine rebuild
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Update report - June 14, 2019

Putting the finishing touches to another Stage One engine rebuild in the Team CJ engine shop.

With cylinders pressed out, blocked water jackets
on display
Custom top hat liners installed

Damage inside a combustion chamber
Badly damaged threads in the water jackets

A new steel insert is used to repair the damaged
water jacket plug threads

Keyway hole damage on nose of the crank
Oil pan was damaged and crudely repaired in
several places

Previous damage around the drain plug
Machining the intake and exhaust flanges

Pressure testing the cylinder head
View down a ported intake runner

Old seat machined out and sized for new
custom CJ valve seats
Machining the multi-angled valve job

Honing tappet guides for oversized tappets

Head now fully assembled
Laying out components for final assembly

Engine now almost ready to run on the test stand

I am delighted to report that we have your engine rebuild well underway.

Engine as received

Removing the cylinder head

Main bearings worn back to the copper

Rebuilding connecting rods
Honing rods to size

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