Job # 2252 - 4.2 Stage One rebuild
The Q Car (CAR #001)
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Update report - January 9, 2019
Another Stage One rebuild completed and ready for the test stand.

Degreeing camshafts

Oil pan now installed

Another Stage One rebuild ready for the test stand!

Plumbing in the oil pump and installing the cylinder head.

Assembling the short block.

Crankshaft installed
Hanging rods on pistons

Rotating assembly installed
About to install the cylinder head

We have now completed all of the machine work to both head and block. The head has been fully rebuilt and we are just about to assemble the short block.

Align honing the cylinder head
Baseline flow testing of the cylinder head

Pressure testing the head
View down a ported intake runner

Multi angle valvejob completed, new seats blended
to venturis
Final surfacing of the cylinder head

Assembling the head using custom CJ
stainless steel valves

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Machine work to block now completed
Setting piston ring gaps

We have now re-sleeved the block, align honed the main housings and rebuilt the connecting rods.

Machining counter bores for the new 'top hat' liners

Grinding main caps prior to align hine
Align hone in porgress

Sizing the connecting rods

This is the first of several Stage One engines we are building for a company that is building a limited number of Aston Martin DB5 007 tribute cars that are being built to run on Jaguar running gear.

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