Job # 2250 - 1969 Jaguar E Type (CW)
Stage One engine rebuild
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Opening report - November 24, 2018
Putting the finishing touches to another Stage One engine rebuild in the CJ machine shop.

Base line flow testing intake runners
Exhaust port prior to porting

Machining out old valve seats
Sizing pockets for custom oversized seats

Porting completed, CJ guides installed

Front of head prior to cosmetic polishing
Now much improved

Surfacing the cylinder head deck

Rebuilt head now fully assembled

Gapping the piston rings
Balancing the crankshaft

Hanging forged rods on CJ pistons

Crank installed

Setting cam timing

Corey has now installed the new custom top hat liners, surfaced the block and completed an align hone that resulted in the main housings being within one tenth of one thousandths of
an inch across all seven main journals.

Installing the new top hat liners
Machining the deck surface after liner installation

Align honing inprogress
Note upgraded ARP main cap hardware

Within .0001"

I am delighted to report that we now have this project well underway.

Engine has significant top end noise and poor
oil pressure

Notice main bearing has lost its register on the
left side of this photograph

Main bearings are wiped
Cylinder hone job has also been wiped

Damaged cam bearing likely cause of top end noise

Pressure testing the cylinder head

Cylinder head is warped and will require
straightening and an align hone
Oil pan drain plug was stripped and required a
threaded plug insert

To be continued!
Welding the plug insert

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