Job # 2246 - 4.2 E Type (BR)
Engine, transmission and carb rebuild
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Update report - September 15, 2018

I am pleased to report that we have now completed this very challenging engine rebuild. The cylinder head was very badly corroded, both on the deck surface and internally. It really was borderline whether we could save this particular head, but fortunately we were able to call upon the services of Jake Hill in the CJ Coachworks who saved the day with his world class welding skills. We have also fully rebuilt the SU carbs and will be running the engine on the test stand in the next few days.

Oil galleys in the crankshaft were blocked
Extracting a frozen cylinder head stud

Water jackets in the cylinder head deck surface
were very badly corroded
This jacket had almost corroded its way into the
combustion chamber

Waterways in the engine block were also in a
sorry state

Machining the bores for the new top hat liners
Note hole deep inside the cylinder head that Jake
managed to weld up

Cracks in valve guide bosses had to be ground
and welded
After straightening the head, the cam saddles
required an align hone

View down the cam bearing housings after
align honing
Machining out the old seats

Machining the five angled valve job
Checking rods for straightness prior to rebuild

Front of head prior to polishing
Looking like new after polishing

Head now fully rebuilt and assembled
Grinding machine caps prior to align honing
main cap housings

Align hone in porgress
Balancing the crankshaft

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Surfacing the block with timing chain cover in place
Crank, rods and pistons now ready for assembly

Restored and machined block ready for assembly
Rotating assembly installed

Cylinder head installed
Another challenging rebuild now completed!

I am pleased to report that we now have your engine rebuild underway.

Engine as received

Incorrect valve covers for a 65 E Type
Thermostat housing eaten away by corrosion

Water jackets are badly blocked
Water pump is in need of a rebuild

Using the crane to remove the head,
which was seized solid

Several head studs had to be cut to remove
the head
Pistons are also seized

Decades of storage have not been kind to
this engine

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