Job # 2240 - V12 E Type (MA)
Stage Two 7L with Megasquirt FI
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Update report - December 18, 2018

Plumbing in the fuel injection system.

The long block is now fully assembled. All the remains is install the cam covers and oil pan.

Installing the rebuilt heads
Long block now fully assembled

Megacycle cam specs

Assembling the short block on this 7 liter, stage two build.

Hanging rods on custom forged pistons
Kevin installing the piston and rod

Heads will be installed early next week

As we wait for the custom forged pistons to be made, we have been busy wrapping up the rebuild of the cylinder heads.

Making a plastic mold of the combustion chamber
as part of the piston design process
Setting the valve lass during assembly of the
cylinder heads

Cylinder heads are now fully rebuilt and ready
to install

We have now bored the cylinder block to receive the oversized liners, and Corey has finalized the shape of the custom combustion chambers.

Preparing to bore the block to receive the
oversized liners

This tool ensures the liners are installed
perfectly straight

Machining an aluminum seal housing for the
custom rear seal

Surfacing the cylinder heads

Note new shape of the combustion chambers

Scribing the gasket ring

Align honing the main caps

Making progress with the Stage Two cylinder head rebuild. We will be completely reshaping the HE combustion chamber and spark plug position.

Tearing down the cylinder heads
Pressure testing head

Base line flow testing in progress
HE chamber is inefficient and will be reshaped

Welding the HE chamber
Initial surface after welding

Another 7L Stage Two engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop.

Engine as received

Using our custom pulling plate to remove the heads

Head gasket has disintigrated

Cylinder heads removed and on the bench

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