Job # 2238 - 4.2 E Type (KP)
Full Stage One engine rebuild
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Update report - April 27, 2018

I am pleased to report that we have now completed this challenging rebuild. Your engine is currently on the test stand as we run it through several heat cycles and baseline your Weber carbs. We hope to be crating and shipping the engine early next week.

Installing the timing chain assembly
Cam timing indexed and secured

Almost ready for heat cycling on the test stand

Weber carbs were gummed up but have now been
serviced and base lined with new 'Stage One' jetting

We have now completed all of the machine work and should be wrapping up the final assembly next week.

Grinding main caps square
Align hone in progress

Measuring forged CJ pistons prior to honing cylinders
Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Balancing the crankshaft

Balanced to perfection
Machining the 5 angled valve job

Surfacing the cylinder head

Surfacing the engine block with timing chain
cover in place

Cylinder head before cosmetic polishing

Head now fully assembled

Casting flashing about to break off inside the
oil filter housing!
Flashing removed and casting smoothed out

Pistons and rods now installed
Ready to install the cylinder head

We have now machined the block for the new top hat liners, and completed a challenging (because of the mismatched main caps) align hone.

Machining block for top hat liners

Magnaflux crack checking block after liner
Grinding main caps prior to align hone

Align hone in progress
This was a challenging align hone because of the
mismatched main caps

Another Stage One engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop.

Engine as received
We will run the rebuilt engine on the stand with
the 45 DCOE Webers baselined

Removing the cylinder head with the crane
Short block tear down underway

Main caps had been installed out of sequence

Debris lurking behind crank galley plugs

Valves had obviously not been sealing
Pressure testing the head

Incorrectly installed spark plug helicoil
Damaged tappet

Damaged tappet guide
Surfacing cam rails prior to align hone, required as
head is warped

Align hone in progress
Trial fitting cam bearings after align hone

Damage caused by loose guide in guide boss
Boss repaired and machined for oversized guide

We have repaired numerous damaged  threads in
the block and head

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