Job # 2208 (MW) - Mercedes Benz M-100 (6.3)
Stage Two ultra-high performance engine rebuild
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Update report - September 15, 2018

Putting the finishing touches to this very special engine rebuild.

Polishing a few engine components ahead of final assembly.

With the new injector bungs welded in place, construction of the intake manifold is now been complete.

It will be a shame to hide this beautiful
workmanship under the hood

The following sequence of photographs show the custom piston design process, as well as some very special Megacycle billet camshafts.

Prototype piston on the lathe

Piston placed in block ready for plastic mold

Mold shows valve location
Machining valve reliefs on the mill

Megacycle made the cams to Corey's design

Measuring piston to valve clearance
Machining 3cc dome

I am pleased to report that we have now finished fabricating your custom FI intake manifold.

Custom forged rods provide a weight saving of 4,360 g (9.61 lbs) compared to the original items.

Custom forged rods save 545g per rod compared
to the original behemoths
What will the Mercedes purists will think about eight
E Type Jaguars spinning inside this M-100 engine?

The following sequence of photographs show Corey's design and fabrication of a completely new intake manifold for this very special M-100 engine.

New CJ designed intake valve
Original intake valve is 35.3g heavier

New CJ designed exhaust valve
Original exhaust valve is 47g heavier

Huge gains on the flow bench, about which more
Port matching new intake manifold flanges to
intake runners

New intake manifold perfectly matches shape of ports
Solid aluminum tube stock will be machined to form
tapered intake runners of optimum size and shape

Corey machining the intake runners on the lathe

Note tapered shape starting to form

Jake welding custom intake runners to previously
fabricated flanges
About to form/fabricate the main intake plenum

Custom intake manifold repeatedly trial fitted
throughout fabrication process

Welding new runners to plenum body

Manifold now starting to take shape

More trial fitting

To be continued...
Plate beneath runners adds rigidity

The legendary Mercedes Benz M-100 6.3 engine will need no introduction to most classic car enthusiasts around the world. It came to fame as the power plant of the amazing 300 SEL 6.3 sedan of the late 1960's, a car which held the title as the fastest 4 door sedan in the world for over two decades. Despite the high performance of those amazing "Q" cars of the 60's and early 70's, the massive engine only produced around 250/275 HP. In addition to the sheer weight of the rotating components, another limiting performance factor was the design of the cylinder heads and combustion chambers.

During the course of this exciting build, we are going to re-shape the combustion chambers, re-shape and port the intake and exhaust runners, optimize spark plug positioning at the point of combustion, and we are actually going to reposition the cylinder heads slightly on the the block, allowing us to redesign valve sizing and positioning within the chamber.

We have also designed a custom forged H-beam connecting rod, saving 545g per rod over the originals, which tip the scales at an hefty 1,160 g!

M-100 engine as delivered

Tear down underway

Cylinder head on tear-down bench

Pressure testing one of the heads
Base line flow testing cylinder head

Measuring cam clearance
Machining out intake seats

Exhaust seats were welded to facilitate removal

Roughing in new shape

Welding chambers prior to re-shaping

Guide boss prior to blend porting

New CJ guides now installed
Custom seats pressed into position

New chamber shape will promote superior

Trial fitting heads in 'shifted' position

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