Job # 2058 (GG) - S1 4.2 E Type
Cylinder head rebuild
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Update report - April 29, 2013

We have now completed this rebuild. Check out the last photo in the sequence below to see how we managed to restore the badly damaged deck surface of this cylinder head.

Deck surface and chambers now restored to new condition
#2 and #3 chambers and the surrounding deck surface
were previously badly damaged


The owner of this E Type cylinder head thought it might be beyond saving, although the guys in the CJ machine shop (and Coachworks) had other ideas...

Deck surface had suffered impact and corrosion damage
The head spent a little time in the CJ Coachworks



Damaged areas were TIG welded
Using an old head gasket as a template, the chambers
are re-shaped on the mill



New CJ seats installed
Original tappet guides have been removed and will be replaced


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