Job # 2057 (FH) - 1971 S2 Jaguar E Type
Full engine rebuild
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Update report - September 16, 2013

Rust repairs needed to main floor cross member...


Firewall and engine frames now painted Regency Red.



Prepping the firewall for paint...




We have now completed this challenging engine rebuild...


We have now completed the assembly of your short block and we are scheduled to install the rebuilt cylinder head in the next few days.









Honing cylinders to size, surfacing engine block...

 Timing chain cover installed for surfacing process

Your oil pan and valve covers had to spend a little time in the Coachworks to make them serviceable again...

 Machining valve cover after weld repairs



 Valve cover had been cracked between stud holes



 Painting the repair oil pan and valve covers


This is probably the worst Jaguar engine block we have ever had to deal with. The main housing bores were in terrible shape, resulting in a great deal of extra time on the align hone machine.

 Our most challenging align hone ever



 Note uprated ARP main bolts
 All 7 housings now sized and aligned to perfection


Your block has now been re-sleeved. The photos below show Kevin measuring the position of the new sleeves in relation to the deck surface.



All of the tappet guides have to be replaced thanks to an unworthy 'staking job' done at some time in this engine's past.

 Carbon build-up on valves
 All tappet guides are a mess



Some improvised stakes...


We have now removed the engine from your E Type and have the full rebuild underway. One of our biggest challenges with this build will be to repair stripped out cylinder head stud threads, deep down inside the cylinder block. Depending upon what we find, we may end up having to source an alternative block.

 Engine wash gushing coolant because of a loose cylinder head stud
 Valve covers are cracked and will be welded



 Dampner locking cone is broken
Crudely repaired belt idler pulley 



 Head was removed without any issues
Removing head exposed some nasty "repairs" 



 Block fully torn down
Cylinder bores standard 



 Rod bearings were in poor shape


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