Job # 2056 (RC) - Jaguar XK140
STAGE ONE engine rebuild, triple Weber conversion
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August 6, 2013
Another happy customer!


With our Stage One engine rebuild and triple Weber carb conversion completed, we had an opportunity earlier today to tune your XK140 on the Dyno. Despite HP sapping 103 degree ambient temperatures, we managed to record some pretty remarkable numbers.

You will recall that when we performed the baseline testing of your car three months ago, with stock engine and twin SU carbs, on a 75 degree day, it put down 123 HP and 161 ft/lbs of torque to the back wheels. 123 rear wheel HP equates to about 154 HP at the flywheel. I am delighted to report that we picked up more than 67 RWHP and 62 ft/lbs of torque. 190 HP at the rear wheels equates to 238 HP at the flywheel, which means that we gained an amazing 84 HP at the flywheel. These are exceptional numbers for a road going XK 140.

Click on the photo above to see a video clip of
one of the Dyno pulls
We picked up more than 67 rear wheel HP and
over 62 ft/lbs of torque

Custom stainless steel exhaust now ready to install...

We have now reinstalled the engine and completed the triple Weber carb conversion. Rather than have the front carb open to road grime and moisture up inside the right front wing, we called upon the services of Jake in the CJ Coachworks to fabricate a protective cover for the front air cleaner. The cover is held on with two bolts, so it can be removed very simply to service the air cleaner and carb. We also fabricated a stabilizer bracket and bushing for the rear of the throttle shaft at the firewall. Next week we will be installing the custom exhaust system.

 Custom linkage required a rear stabilizer bracket
 Area of RH inner wing had to be cut away to create clearance
for the front Weber carb and K&N filter



 Making a template from card



 Air cleaner cover fabricated from aluminum
 Carb and air cleaner now protected from road grime


Click the photo for a short video clip of us test firing of your rebuilt engine...

The intake manifold supplied for the triple DCOE 40 Weber carbs did not have any facility for linkages, nor would the standard XK140 water rail and thermostat housing bolt up. Welding threaded bosses to the new manifold for the linkage was a relatively simple task, but finding a way to make the water rail and thermostat housing work took a little more thought. In the end, we decided the most elegant solution was to make one manifold from two, taking advantage of Jake's outsanding fabricating and welding skills in the CJ Coachworks. I think the finished result is worth the price of admission!

Machining bosses for custom linkage
XK140 water rail is too short for the new Weber manifold



E Type water rail fits, but points the thermostat straight
at the front carb
The solution was to make one water rail using a
combination of the XK and E Type water rails



Trial fitting the water rail prior to welding



The two parts were welded together



I defy anyone to see the weld after metal finishing
A factory looking solution to what could have
been a major problem


I am pleased to report that this rebuild has now been completed.

 New ARP main bolts



 Almost ready for installation




Almost all of the machine work has now been completed...

Preparing main caps for align honing
Custom forged CJ pistons were designed and made
especially for your engine



Align honed to virtual perfection - less than .0001" 
(1/10th of 1/1000th) variance across all 7 main caps



Surfacing block with timing chain cover installed
Cylinder head being surfaced (in foreground)



Head already benefited from a high flow CJ valve job



But still picked up over 50 cfm on intake
Exhaust also saw significant gains


Richard, many thanks for the loan of your beautiful Ferrari Scuderia 16M for the track day at Circuit of the Americas yesterday. It was the thrill of a lifetime for me!

Stunning 16M in pit lane
Revival Cycles provided my new Ruby helmet just in time
for the Ferrari event at COTA



All smiles after my 20 minute session



The most fun I have had in decades! The Ferraris made a 
wondrous sound screaming down the main straight
Back to reality! Tearing down your XK engine in the
CJ machine shop



Cylinder honing underway...

 Engine now removed
Rebuild will commence next week 


We are looking forward to getting this Stage One rebuild underway in the next few days. The engine will receive 9:1 forged CJ pistons as well as extensive port work and uprated camshafts. A new Ignition 123 TUNE distributor will allow us to tune the advance curve to perfection.

 Baseline Dyno run prior to rebuild


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