Job # 2051 (MVN) - Jaguar Mk II
Stage One engine rebuild and carb rebuild for a client in South Africa
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Update report - August 15, 2013

Click on the photos below to watch two video clips of us test running your engine in the machine shop. Our work is done here 


We plan on running your rebuilt engine on the test stand early next week.


Almost finished...

Balancing clutch and flywheel
Rebuild now virtually complete


Short block assembly underway...

Block machine work has been completed



Laying crankshaft in place
Uprated ARP main bolts



Measuring deck height


Stage One cylinder head rebuild now completed, balancing and micro-polishing the crankshaft...

 Balancing the replacement crankshaft



 Micro-polishing crank after balancing



Head cleaned up very nicely (see before photos below)

Align hone and torque plate cylinder hone completed, block surfacing in progress...







Your engine block has been re-sleeved and the align honing process is underway.

 Measuring positioning of new sleeves in relation
to the deck of the engine block



 Machining main caps square prior to align honing



 Align honing in progress
Close up of honing stones 


Some really nice gains on the flow bench after port work...

A pick up of almost 60 cfm


Carb rebuild in progress, polishing, etc...




Repairing damaged oil pan, pressure testing cylinder head

Damaged oil pan before welding
After welding, front seal retainer was re-cut on mill



Damaged oil pan drain plug hole was welded up
Cutting new threads in drain plug hole



Pressure testing cylinder head after port work

This particular cylinder head needs some extra time under the welder...

 Center drain plug threads damaged
 Plug has been welded up and will be re-threaded on mill



 Chamber will be welded up and re-shaped
 Chamber welding in progress


We have our work cut out for us with this engine. Corrosion has done a number on the cylinder head in particular. All six spark plug holes will have to be repaired, one of the water plugs on the top of the head is stripped out, the chambers and deck surface will require welding, the tappet guides are out of spec and will be replaced, the oil pan front seal housing will require welding, and the timing chain cover is damaged beyond repair. Other than these few items, everything is looking good...
 Filter completely blocked 



 Spark plug holes are in poor shape



 Cutting out the old cylinder sleeves



 Clearing cylinder block water jackets






 Combustion chamber will be welded up and reshaped


I am pleased to report that your superbly built engine crate made it to the CJ engine machine shop in perfect condition after its epic journey! We already have the engine torn down and will have the machine work underway in the next few days.

 Your well constructed crate survived the 9,500 mile journey
from South Africa to Texas intact!



 Engine has been completely disassembled



 We will have the machine work underway in
the next few days


We will have this Stage One engine rebuild underway in the next few days....


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