Job # 2049 - 3.8 Jaguar MK II
Full engine rebuild
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Update report - March 31, 2013

This rebuild has now been completed...


This rebuild is now nearing completion...

 Machined crank is a thing of beauty



 Note ARP main cap bolts
Measuring the crank thrust 



 Measuring deck height



 Lower chain assembly
 Rebuild now virtually complete


Cylinder head rebuild now completed...

All spark plug holes repaired with Nut Serts



 One freshly minted CJ cylinder head


Repairing damaged spark plug threads, surfacing block and head...

 Cleaning up pitted surface on the intake side of head



 Spark plug holes were all damaged and required installation
of Big Sert thread repair kits
Preparing to machine out damaged spark plug holes 



 Big Sert repairs now completed



 Surfacing the head deck surface






 Block almost ready for final assembly


I am pleased to report that we now have your engine rebuild underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages!

 Having cut out the old sleeves, completely blocked
water jackets are evident
 Note crack above water jacket to deck surface



 There are numerous cracks in the cylinder block
 Machining block to receive new top hat sleeves



 Note counterbore for top hat section of the sleeve
 All six sleeves now replaced



 Main caps were way out of spec so an align hone is needed
 Grinding the caps square prior to align hone



 Upgrading to ARP main bolts



 With the align hone completed, now time to hone the cylinders


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