Job # 2047 (SC) - Stage One E Type engine rebuild
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Update report - November 5, 2012

We test ran your engine on Friday, and then again this morning, and everything went perfectly. We ran it through four full heat cycles before removing it from the engine stand. Click on the photo below for a short video clip of one of the test runs.


This rebuild has now been completed.

Uprated ARP rod and main cap bolts, billet rear
seal housing, etc



Composite head gasket installed






The finished article is a thing of beauty


We have now completed all of the machine work and will be reassembling this engine in the next few days.
The cylinders have now been honed to size
Surfacing the deck of the block



CJ forged pistons hung on the rods, crank has been 
ground and polished



Rebuilt cylinder head will be reunited with the
block during the coming week
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