Job # 2029 (CB) - Jaguar Mk II
Full Stage One HP engine rebuild
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Update report - June 28, 2012

I am pleased to report that we have now completed this Stage One high performance engine rebuild.


 Crank has been ground, polished and modified for upgraded rear seal
 Measuring deck height

 ARP main and rod bolts

 Finished engine a thing of beauty


We have now completed the rebuild of your cylinder head. You will see from the flow charts below that we picked up almost 60 cfm on the intake, which should translate into big power gains.

 Baseline flow numbers on intake
Flow test after porting showed huge gain of 58.7 cfm



 Pressure testing head after port work
 Surfacing head



 Final assembly in progress


Cylinder head rebuild underway....

Tappet guides all out of spec and will be replaced
Base line flow testing before port work



Sizing pockets for new CJ seats
 Intake venturis will be opened up to match oversized
CJ seats



Chris hard at work in the porting room


The block has now been align honed, the cylinders have been honed to size, and the deck surface has been surfaced.

Align hone in progress
Measuring relative deck height of new top hat sleeves



Pulling sleeves
Surfacing block with timing chain cover installed



Block now ready for assembly


Tear down was a messy business with this engine!

 As grimy a timing chain cover as you will ever see!
 We needed to use the crane to remove the cyl head





I am pleased to report that your engine and carbs arrived safely and we already have your Stage One rebuild underway.






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