Our Cars - 1995 Jaguar XJS 4.0 convertible
by Dan Mooney
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August 8, 2020
Odometer - 15,518

I am delighted to introduce the latest member of the Team CJ fleet, a beautiful Sapphire Blue 1995 Jaguar 4.0 XJS
that has been in the same hands since 1997. I have been looking for a low mileage XJS convertible for a while, and the Sapphire Blue paintwork on this particular car jumped off my computer screen when I spotted it on eBay a couple of weeks ago. The first owner put about 12,200 miles on the car before the second owner purchased it in August 1997. It was then kept at a vacation home in South Carolina for the next 23 years, during which time a mere 3,200 miles were added to the odometer. In fact, the car has barely been used in the last 14 years, evidenced by service records that show a service 600 miles ago in 2006!

Although the overall cosmetic condition of the car obviously reflects the extremely low mileage, as received she was in desperate need of a major service. Despite assurances from the seller that the AC worked and "cooled like a champ", it clearly had not worked for many years, which was a little disappointing.

I asked my guys to repair the AC, replace all fluids, all belts and all coolant hoses, replace the tires and do a full 30,000 factory service. While the car was in the Team CJ workshop, I had Charlie Molina of the PDR Shop take care of a few dings, and two of the road wheels had suffered some road rash, so I had Wheels America collect and restore them. I hate dings and I hate curbed wheels!

The AC compressor was leaking from just about every seal, and the Schrader valve on the low side also had a major leak. Interestingly, the system was covered in dye, meaning we were not the first people to discover the leaks. In any event, with the service complete and the AC repaired, and new shoes installed at all four corners, I headed out for my first drive about $3,000 poorer than I was supposed to be. Happily, I soon forgot all about the unexpected expenses because the car drove superbly on my test drive, and the AC system cools like a champ.

Sapphire Blue is a beautiful color for an XJS

The convertible top is literally like new

As nice an interior as I have seen in any XJS

The snug fitting soft top boot is also in new condition

Spending some much needed time on one of the
lifts in the TCJ workshop!

Welcome to the Team CJ fleet!

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