Team CJ system bronze

The fulcrum and carrier bearings originally installed in the wishbones and hub carriers of independently sprung Jaguar rear ends were always a weak point in terms of design and durability. We have developed these superb quality bronze bushings to be direct and simple replacements for the complicated and ineffective originals. Installation of our specially designed bronze bushings will enhance both handling and durability.

Team CJ bronze IRS bushings are manufactured using only the finest quality bearing bronze alloy and feature machined grooves and chamfered feed holes ensuring an excellent supply of grease to the inner fulcrum shaft and the inner surfaces of the fulcrum bushing. The Team CJ System Bronze kit also includes specially designed bronze thrust washers that correctly position the wishbones within their fulcrum mounts.

Team CJ System Bronze eliminates the use of the notoriously ineffective needle bearings and the countless seals, shims and spacers that would normally be used during the assembly of an IRS unit. Literally thousands of Team CJ System Bronze bushings have been successfully installed the world over. Don't gamble with your safety and become a copycat company's first customer! You know you can rely on Team CJ - the world's Jaguar performance leader.

Available for all IRS Jaguars, including XJS, XJ6, XJ12, S Type, 420G, Mk X and all E Types. Please state year and model of vehicle when ordering.

Another beautifully machined Team CJ product setting new standards of engineering excellence.

Team CJ System Bronze Identify which inner fulcrum bushings you need

Description Part # Price Add to cart
Early inner fulcrum bushing set (4)
Includes a set of 8 thrust washers
TCJifbE $395
Late inner fulcrum bushing set (4)
Includes a set of 8 thrust washers
(1963 thru XJS)
TCJifbL $395
Hub carrier bushing set (4)
(All IRS)
TCJhcb $150
Complete IRS bronze bushing set (1961/63)
Includes inner fulcrum and outer hub carrier bushings
TCJbbsetE $495
Complete IRS bronze bushing set (mid 1963 thru XJS)
Includes inner fulcrum and outer hub carrier bushings
TCJbbsetL $495