Team CJ uprated sway bar kits

In keeping with the rest of the Team CJ product range, our sway (anti-roll) bars are manufactured to the highest possible standards, with careful attention having been paid to both function and ease of installation.

Team CJ sway bars are supplied complete with our own exclusive replacement mounting system comprised of purpose designed and machined Polyurethane mount bushings and lateral restraint split clamps. This superb handling upgrade package could not be easier to install!

Available now for all E Types.

Our 6 cylinder E Type swaybar has an outside diameter of 7/8", while the V12 E Type bar measures a sturdy 1 1/8". Each represents a prodigious strength increase over the standard equipment bar. No more wallowing and pitching in high speed bends!

All Team CJ sway bars are supplied in high quality black powder coat, ready to install.

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6 cyl E Type
front sway bar kit
12 cyl E Type
front sway bar kit
C Type
front sway bar kit