Team CJ Jaguar Engine Stroker Kits

Introducing the Team CJ stroker kit - the ultimate upgrade for your 4.2 Jaguar engine! This superbly engineered kit increases the cubic capacity of your engine from 4.2 to 4.7 liters, resulting in huge power gains. When used in conjunction with a Team CJ ported cylinder head and 45 DCOE Weber carbs, a 4.7 L engine produces approximately 380 HP and 435 ft/lbs of torque (on unleaded pump gas).

Team CJ billet stroker crankshaft Forged Carrillo connecting rods shave more than 840g from the rotating mass
The Team CJ stroker kit is made up of a stroked, billet, fully counter-weighted crankshaft, lightweight forged steel Carrillo connecting rods, extreme lightweight custom forged pistons, uprated ARP main cap bolts and an uprated billet rear crank seal. The forged Carrillo connecting rods are standard length and can therefore be used in any Jaguar 3.8 or 4.2 engine.

If you are considering a Team CJ stroker kit, we recommend adding a Team CJ HP crankshaft damper to your shopping list.

Note: Team CJ stroker kits also available for 3.8 engines - please inquire.

Team CJ forged pistons approximately 750g lighter than regular cast pistons Team CJ lightweight billet steel flywheel and uprated billet rear seal kit

Item description Part # Price Add to cart
Team CJ Jaguar engine stroker kit
Includes billet crankshaft, steel billet rods, forged pistons, ARP main cap bolts, billet steel flywheel and an uprated rear crank seal
TCJ47KIT $12,000
Team CJ billet stroker crankshaft TCJ47CRANK $8,000
Team CJ forged stroker pistons TCJRS $1,295
Team CJ Carrillo forged connecting rods TCJFR $2,200
Team CJ uprated rear crank seal TCJSP $395
ARP main cap bolts ARPMCB $170
Team CJ billet steel flywheel TCJFW42 $595
HP crankshaft damper TCJDAMP $440