Major restoration rubber seal kits for all E Types

There are a lot of poor quality rubber seals out there on the market. One of the questions most often asked of us is which rubber seals Classic Jaguar uses in the course of our Team CJ restorations. Now, for the first time, we have decided to offer those rubber seal kits direct to you.

A Classic Jaguar rubber seal kit is the most complete kit offered anywhere. It is also a superb quality product which fits (and lasts) the way it should. So many of the poor quality, inferior seals out there will leave you with jutting doors and poor fitting boot lids - not to mention soaking wet carpets! Your CJ rubber seal kit is complete down to the smallest gas tank buffer and body grommet.

Please note: We do not sell individual kit components, only complete, major restoration kits.

Description Part # Price Order now
S1 3.8 E Type roadster
(early boot lid seal)
CJRSK38R1 $735
S1 3.8 E Type roadster
(later boot lid seal)
CJRSK38R2 $735
S1 E Type FHC
(3.8 and 4.2)
CJRSK6C $795
S1.5 E Type FHC CJRSK15C $795
S2 E Type FHC CJRSK2C $795
S1 4.2 E Type roadster CJRSK42R $735
S1.5 E Type roadster CJRSK15R $735
S2 E Type roadster CJRSK422R $735
S1E Type 2+2 CJRSK122 $895
S1.5 E Type 2+2 CJRSK1522 $895
S2 E Type 2+2 CJRSK222 $895
S3 E Type roadster CJRSK3R $735
S3 E Type 2+2 CJRSK322 $895