Team CJ aluminium radiators

These superbly crafted aluminium radiators are the answer to your cooling woes. Constructed to the very highest standards possible, they represent the ultimate in cooling upgrades available for your Jaguar. Available now for Series I, 2 and 3 E Types, Mk II saloons and the entire XK range. Also available for Aston Martin DB4/5/6 uprated to handle over 400 HP!

S1 4.2 E Type with
high powered fan
2200 cfm fan is
beautifully mounted
State of the art core

Make no mistake - this is probably the single best investment you could make in your classic car. Install the same radiators we use on our own world class Team CJ restorations, made to our design by the manufacturer responsible for cooling some of the world's most competitive race cars.

Team CJ is proud to offer the ultimate cooling package for the 6 cylinder E Type owner (Series I & II). A modified aluminium radiator complete with a 16 inch high performance fan pre-mounted using Nascar style aluminium brackets. A truly incredible combination unit and absolutely the ultimate reliability upgrade for your Jaguar!

Superb welding and
Unparalleled quality Radiators accept standard
brackets and shrouds

Item description Part # Price Order
3.8 E radiator - no fan CJAL38 $895
4.2 SI E Type radiator - no fan CJAL421 $895
S1 3.8 E Type radiator + pre-mounted fan CJAL38combo $1300
S1 4.2 E Type radiator + pre-mounted fan CJAL42combo $1300
S II E Type radiator - no fan CJAL422 $950
S II E Type radiator + pre-mounted fan CJALnascar $1350
V12 E Type radiator - standard trans CJAL12M $995
V12 E Type radiator - auto trans CJAL12A $1050
V12 E Type radiator - manual trans with fan CJAL12F $1400
XK 120 radiator CJALXK120 $1100
XK 140 radiator CJALXK140 $1250
XK 140 radiator + pre-mounted fan CJALXK140 $1500
XK 150 radiator CJALXK150 $1100
Mk II/S Type radiator CJALMKII $995
Aston Martin DB4/5/6 radiator - no fan CJAMDB $1500