Team CJ billet aluminum rack mounts

Another superb quality Team CJ component, these high performance steering rack mounts have been machined from billet aluminum to the most exacting of standards. The notoriously vague and sloppy steering associated with the original Metalistic bushings can now be a thing of the past. Experience amazingly direct and responsive steering with this simple to install yet highly effective modification.

As an added bonus, Team CJ billet aluminum rack mounts are significantly stronger than the original units. Grade 8 bolts have been countersunk into machined recesses of the aluminum billet (rather than studs) and the material thickness, whilst precisely the same overall dimension as the original rack mount, is far greater than the two flimsy mild steel sections bonded to the metalastic rubber of the original mount.

Another beautifully engineered Team CJ product available for all E Types.

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Team CJ Billet rack mounts (pair)
6 cylinder E Type
TCJM6E $195