Team CJ Braided Oil Line Kits — Another Classic Jaguar exclusive!

These superbly engineered Teflon and braided stainless steel oil line kits replace the vulnerable (and often leaking) oil feed loom that transfers oil from the engine block to the rear of the cylinder head and valve train in all XK engines.

The flexible nature of our design means that the Team CJ oil feed lines and banjo fittings are not susceptible to the damage often caused by engine vibration - or even 'tweaking' at the hands of a heavy handed mechanic.

Team CJ oil feed kits are supplied with six top quality statoseals - ensuring that oil leaks at the rear of your engine will soon be a thing of the past.

Note: Banjo bolts shown in photos are not included

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XK engine (all 6 cyl) oil feed line kit TCJ004 $150