Team CJ uprated engine mounts

These uprated engine mounts will not deteriorate or deform like the OEM originals. In fact, we are so confident about this product that we are happy to guarantee them for as long as you own your car!

Team CJ uprated engine mounts, being approximately 1/8" thicker than OEM mounts, are the perfect solution for E Type owners with clearance problems between their carb linkage and the right hand engine subframe.

Available for all 6 cylinder E Types, Mk IIs and the entire XK range.

Item description Part # Price Add to cart
Uprated 6 cyl E Type engine mounts (sold in pairs) TCJEME $175
Uprated Mk II engine mounts (sold in pairs) TCJEMMII $175
Uprated XK engine mounts (set of four) TCJEMXK $350